Why You Should “Hate” Glock

I said it. You should absolutely hate Glock. Let’s be realistic, what is there to like about the pistol? It looks like a block, it hasn’t changed in years, its triggers are atrocious, it has horrible sights, and it wasn’t until recently that they started making from factory cut outs for optics. So why on …

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Lives Saved By Firearms

How many lives are saved by firearms? Gun grabbers love to say how many lives are taken each year by firearm violence, usually siting trumped up numbers that include suicides and accidents, however few of them actually admit that the presence of a firearm can and does save lives. So why are those statistics so …

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That Holster is Unsafe! Or is it?

That Holster is Unsafe! Or is it? – A substance named graphene is alleged to be the strongest known material on Earth. This man-made material is made up of carbon atoms arranged in a specific manner to give it the properties it possesses. Through a process using solvents, graphene sheets can be molded into specific …

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Carrying 24/7

Carrying 24/7

Carrying 24/7: “Bad stuff happens when you least expect it”- Murphy’s Law If you have been alive longer than a few months, and have seen the world these days, it seems like there is always a disaster or crisis or something going on. While a lot of that can be attributed to the 24 hour …

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Reasons Behind a Shoulder Holster

Reasons Behind a Shoulder Holster – From what I have seen, most people carrying a handgun typically do so off the hip/belt or concealed in a pocket (not my preference, but it happens). Why then would you consider a shoulder holster as a viable way to carry a handgun, and why would you choose this …

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Carrying Concealed in Non-Permissive Environments

Carrying Concealed in Non-Permissive Environments – First and foremost, this is not advice, and I am not encouraging anyone to break the law or disobey any ordinances. However, this topic is something that comes up frequently regarding concealed carry into non-permissive environments (read gun-free zones). Should you ignore the business that posts a haphazard sign, …

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New Gun Owners in 2022

New Gun Owners in 2022 – New Years is a time for resolutions, and doing new things, and one of those things should be taking a more active approach in your personal defense, and defense of your family. Here are some things to consider, and it might even have some tidbits for those who have …

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“Thinning the Herd”

Thinning the Herd: Before you immediately close this and assume I have lost my mind or want to assert that there is no number, I ask you to read a little further. I have been shooting for over two decades, from plinking to three-gun, precision to military training, and a lot of hunting thrown in. …

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