What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

It’s just coffee, right?

Well, if you pay close attention to people you can tell a lot about them just by casual observations. For example, if they wear worn boots, they likely work hard and know how to carry themselves. If they are wearing hunting clothes they likely know how to hunt, or you could have a conversation on the current season. If they have a designer handbag or fancy clothing, they likely don’t know how to change a tire or get dirty. What about your coffee, what does that say about you?

Well, first off let’s start with the obvious…. if you see someone who is drinking a triple non-fat, no whip capa frapa crappa drink for the cost of half a box of ammunition on the daily…..you are probably not a gun owner, know little about guns and speaks volumes. Just the fact that you could justify this $10/day habit without calculating how many 5.56 rounds you could get to practice with at the end of the week…you are doing that, right? Do you think getting a coffee from a pastry shop screams “I am an individual or I am one of the many”?

Just in case you didn’t know, we at JM4 Tactical decided to provide some amazing coffee options because the above option is way too expensive, also those awesome companies don’t support 2nd Amendment causes….and in many cases they attack them.

So, what do our coffees say about you?

Texas Pecan Pie Coffee:

You are someone who appreciates homemade meals, family gatherings, and tradition. This medium roast coffee gives you that medium roast you desire to jumpstart your day while you lace up your boots and take care of the farm or go out to bring home the bacon. The slightly nutty taste and aroma let people know that while you are classic, you are an individual with good taste. You probably carry a 1911 because if it is good enough for Grandpa in WWII it is good enough for you.

Lone Star Breakfast Blend Coffee:

You like life without fluff, and it shows. You prefer function over form, and this breakfast blend coffee offers a smooth taste that you like black. This one, like the great State of Texas, can stand alone and weather the storm. It is steadfast to get you started with your day, in a bold and unapologetic way. Your no-frills belief ties in with the Glock 19 on your hip….it may not be fancy but just like you and the coffee it will get the job done.

Texas Sweet Roll Coffee/Snickerdoodle Coffee/Vanilla Flavored Coffee:

While you enjoy some of the classics, you like a bit of flavor in your day, because you like to hunt for the good stuff. Regardless of if it is hints of cinnamon butter and sugar, or vanilla, you appreciate the subtle hints of sweetness in the boldness of your life. This translates into your carry piece, likely a Kimber or Ruger Semi-auto, but a bit flashier with either a color grip or a stainless finish. While subtle it speaks to your individual nature in the world of lemmings.

Texas Dark Chocolate Coffee:

Your alarm goes off likely after you are already awake because you need to get the day going before that sun comes up. After you finish that workout and cold shower to wake up, you enjoy the hints of chocolate in your coffee as you get dressed for the battle the day will bring. You understand the world can be tough and you aim to be tougher as you load up your H&K or Sig Sauer into your RELIC Holster, safely tucked behind your sport coat or flannel vest as you greet the day with a boot in its chest.

Regardless of which one you choose, don’t throw your hard-earned money at those big companies that forbid you from carrying it in their store.

Give them the bird and buy a bag of coffee from us (or a worry-free Coffee Subscription) …. and with that money you save you can get yourself those extra freedom seeds to get in that trigger time.  And keep on sipping on your patriotic coffee.

Author: Ian Bolser