We have tested this over and over on our cell phones. There has not been any effect on the cell phones. Please check our video out on YouTube.

We have laid our wallets directly on the magnets of the Quick, Click, & Carry Holster and our credit cards still work perfectly. Now we would not recommend sliding your card through the magnets like you would a card machine, but we have had zero effect on our cards with just normal exposure to the magnets through our wallets. 

The Original & Roughneck are both deeper concealment holsters that ride lower in the waistline.  Both the Original and Roughneck work best for unstructured waistlines such as gym shorts, sweats, and yoga pants. The High-Ride is designed for more of a shooters grip in structured waistlines such as jeans. As a rule of thumb if you have a button on your pants it is typically best to go with the High-Ride. Though the Roughneck and Original function the same, the Roughneck is our competitively priced holster that uses 1 piece of Hermann Oak Leather with the roughout on the interior, where the Original & High-Ride use 2 pieces of Hermann Oak Leather sewn together providing a smooth interior and exterior.  The High-Ride does lose some of the Magnetic Retention due to the required magnet placement to obtain the higher ride height; however, when worn in a structured waistline it adds the perfect amount of additional retention needed.

No. There is not enough magnet pull to affect your health. In fact the same types of rare earth magnets are used in magnet therapy all over the world.  However, magnets could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators. A pacemaker could switch into test mode and cause illness. A heart defibrillator may stop working. If you wear these devices keep sufficient distance to magnets. Warn others who wear these devices from getting to close to magnets. We recommend always checking with your doctor before wearing.

Any iron based metal exposed to a magnet will temporarily exhibit weak magnetic properties. With continued use of a magnet with your handgun you may incur a very slight magnetism of the slide.  (When we say slight, we mean barely pick up a small paper clip slight) A simple tap or jolt of the weakly magnetized metal will shock the metal back to original state. There is no permanent effect on the iron-based metal. 

The Magnetic Quick, Click, & Carry Holster comes in multiple sizes/styles and we have currently fit tested hundreds of handguns. Each gun that is listed with a recommended size has physically been tested in the holster prior to making it onto the list. We know you are nervous ordering the large holster for your M&P Shield but just trust us, it will fit perfectly regardless of what caliber you have. Please always refer to the recommended size when ordering  your Magnetic Holster to prevent having to return it for the correct size.

All our Magnetic Holsters are made of quality leather and do require a break-in period.  Much like a good old ball glove the more broken in the leather is the more comfortable and better it will function.  We DO NOT recommend treating the holster with any type of oil or conditioner.  All JM4 holsters are treated with our propietary blend of oils and waxes prior to shipping and this treatment is good for about 10 years.  Instead we recommend manhandling the holster, rolling it up, massaging the leather, repeatedly inserting unloaded firearm in and out of the holster to jumpstart the break-in process.  If you continue to have issues, we recommend emailing our Support Team with photos of your holster with the gun inside the holster as well as lying next to the holster.

The Magnetic Quick, Click, & Carry Holster was initially designed and functions best when worn inside the waistband.  If you plan to wear it as designed then you will order the hand you would normally order unless you plan to wear it in the small of your back, in which case you would need to order the opposite of your draw hand.  Though the holster is designed and recommended to be worn inside the waistband we do have many customers that prefer to carry outside the waistband with our holster. If you plan to wear your holster outside the waistband you will need to order the opposite of what you would normally order.  Please understand that this does not change the design or shape of the holster.

No. As a matter of fact, you can wear this holster anywhere on your waistband that is most comfortable to you. You can even wear it inside your boots if you like. The only thing you must do is make a good connection between the magnets.

No. Though the leather is soft it is not floppy or flimsy. The leather is thick enough to hold its form around your gun and act as a protector around the trigger guard. 

Yes. However, the holster will eventually form more around the gun you carry most. If you carry a larger pistol such as a Beretta PX4 Storm most of the time; then decide to carry a smaller sub compact such as a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield there may be too much play in the holster for it to function at its full potential. However if your guns are close to the same size then you can certainly get away with using 1 holster for multiple guns.

This holster was not designed for competition shooting but rather as a safe, comfortable, practical way to conceal carry for everyday carriers regardless of what type of clothing you may be wearing. Our goal was to make sure that if the need arises you can draw your weapon quickly and with ease one handed. Our concern is not whether you will be able to re-holster afterwards. We do recommend removing the holster, re-holstering your gun, and then put the holster back on. We have made it so easy you can literally draw, remove holster, re-holster, and put back on in less than a couple seconds which makes removing when you cannot carry in super easy as well.

JM4 Tactical will accept returns or exchanges on stock products within 10 days of receiving the product. Custom orders are not eligible for exchange or refund.  For a full refund on your stock item minus shipping you will need to return your undamaged holster. With the exception of custom items, you may cancel your order at any time prior to JM4 Tactical shipping your holster to you. For custom items providing the production process has not been started orders may be canceled.  If the holster has been shipped, buyer is responsible for returning the unused holster within the 10-day window for a full refund minus shipping.

All our holsters are handmade by the hands of Texans.  The majority of our Magnetic Quick, Click, and Carry holsters are kept in stock and typically will ship same or next business day.  However, during peak times such as during a sale or surge of sales due to current events, the stock of some items may become depleted.  In this instance we do ask that you allow 7-14 business days for your item to ship.  For all custom made to order Magnetic Holsters we ask that you allow 10-14 business days for your item to ship.  For all RELIC Series custom made to order holsters we ask that you allow up to 25 business days for your item to ship.  Once your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information and another email once your order has been scanned as delivered.  To ensure proper delivery of your item please verify your shipping address on your order confirmation email.  Once the order ships from our office there is very little we can do to alter its course.