Our leather gun belts:

  • The Double Shot Belt - This Leather Gun Belt Puts Yours To Shame 
  • Ranger Gun Belt
63 Black Dbl Shot Gun Belt 43 1.75

Gun Belts

The gun belt is the one piece of gear that most firearms instructors agree makes the biggest difference in EDC. It’s also the one piece of gear given the least amount of thought by gun carriers.

A good gun belt does the following:

  • Prevents printing
  • Enables a consistent draw
  • Keeps your pistol where you put it
  • Doesn’t sag or roll

A regular designer belt isn’t meant to do any of the above, and even many so-called gun belts fail in one or more of those areas.

The success of any leather gun belt hinges upon the materials used. Higher quality materials = a better belt, every time.

That’s why all the materials we source for our leather gun belts are top quality. For example, our leather is Prime US Steerhide.

Then, holding them together and up around your waist is stainless steel hardware. Because trusting your life to anything but the strongest buckle and screws is dangerous. 

After sourcing the highest quality materials, each belt is handcrafted by a master craftsman in Texas, USA. They’re designed to look great regardless of what you wear from a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt. And because there aren’t any brand names on the outside of the belt, you won’t have to worry about advertising when tucking your shirt in.

To put the icing on the cake, each belt we sell comes with our limited lifetime warranty, so unless your dog eats it, or something similar, it’s covered. There really is no reason not to buy one.

All you have to do is figure out which gun belt is best for you. We have two models that are made to order. 

First up is what we call our “Single Shot,” which is more of a dress gun belt. It is comprised of two thinner layers of leather that are stitched together. They’re then hand-beveled and dyed in your choice of color.

Next is our “Double Shot” belt, which is heavier-duty with two thicker layers of leather, stitched together, hand beveled, and dyed in your choice of color.

Buy yourself a real belt that’s meant to look good, hold up to years of abuse, and keep your gun in the right spot on your waist. Buy a JM4 Tactical Belt, today.

Buy your belt, here:

  • The Double Shot Belt - This Leather Gun Belt Puts Yours To Shame 
  • Ranger Gun Belt

How our belts are made: