You Asked. We Answered!

Magnetic Concealed Carry Holster

Ugh Monday…. we meet again. However, this one seems to be different than the rest because we have launched yet another BAD ASS product that will be an answered prayer to many of our customers. There is nothing like coming in half asleep, sipping on that morning juice from God himself (better known as coffee) and knowing today is the day you can make even
more of your customers happy with your new product. Somehow it gives more satisfaction to the usual groggy Monday.
Now, what bad ass product could I possibly be talking about? None other than the High-Ride Quick Click and Carry and its sister product, the High-Ride Tuckable. Our customers wanted a holster which would sit higher on their waistline for an easier pull, but also keep the durability and flexibility of our magnetic tension design. Well avid gun-carriers, JM4 Tactical is your Huckleberry, and we accepted your challenge! Your plea pushed us to make not only one, but two quality products that can fit more of our customers’ needs.

Consistent with the rest of our holsters, the High-Ride Quick Click and Carry and the High-Ride Tuckable are made with the highest quality of Hermann Oak Grade “A” steer hide leather. Our leather is tanned to perfection and reinforced to provide long-lasting quality that will not fail. Each of our products is meticulously handcrafted and made in the USA to ensure you are getting the best product your money can buy.

The High-Ride Holster line has the same bones as our flagship product, the Quick Click and Carry Magnetic Holster, but with a few changes to the design. To accommodate a higher shooter’s grip, the magnets are placed lower on the holster. This allows the gun to be more exposed and with less magnetic retention for a quicker pull. “What? LESS magnetic retention? That’s insane!” some of you may be exclaiming as you spit out your morning coffee onto your computer screens. However, do not fret my fellow firearm enthusiast, it is hardly a difference. Your holster will still cling to metal like white on rice. To view more of the slight differences between the new High-Ride products compared to the original Quick Click and Carry we have conveniently made a “non-morning person” infographic below. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our new products as you gently wake yourself up. Happy Monday from your friends at JM4 Tactical


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