Duck Season! Wabbit Season! No, it is Snake Season!

Sorry, Daffy and Bugs, you are both wrong this time! Snake season is in full swing right now in Texas. With the temperatures starting to reach 90 degrees, those cold-blooded reptiles are slithering out of their dens to soak up the golden sunshine. Elmer Fudd, too, needs to be prepared with his JM4 holster!

All snakes will bite if they feel threatened, but there are a few that when they bite it packs a K.O. Mike Tyson punch! Texas is home to 15 varied species of venomous snakes. The most common, being the rattlesnake!

I’m Warning You…

The most distinctive feature of a rattlesnake is their rattling tail. Hence the rattle…snake. Go figure! Although a rattlesnake’s bite can kill you in a matter of hours to just a few days (if left untreated), at least they are nice enough to give you a fair warning! This summer if you are out and about walking some trails and you hear something sounding like the wrath of a thousand locusts, check your surroundings because you may have yourself a rattler nearby. Rattlesnakes tend to be non-aggressive and would rather let you hear their God-made maracas and you back away slowly, than the alternative. However, just because they are non-aggressive don’t go all Steve Irwin on us and try and pick up “the beauty.” Just go your separate ways and let the demon looking creature do its own thing.

Take Action

Now, if you are like the rest of us at JM4 Tactical, we like to be armed and dangerous when adventuring through the Texas plain. We already have come across our share of rattlers this season. We know the best kinds of rattlesnakes…. are dead ones, in my opinion! With our holsters, like the Original Quick Click and Carry or the High-Ride Quick Click and Carry, we have been able to keep our guns easily accessible to take out these rattlers and any other unwanted vermin in our path. So, you Might want to pick up the most versatile holster on the market, the Magnetic Retention holster from JM4 Tactical.

Serpent Leather Holster