We Hear You, Loud and Clear

Welcome back, Ya’ll!

 Alright, we get it- you love the Quick Click and Carry holster. We’re pumped because we love seeing the different ways our products can be used! The versatility of our holster serves as one of the many things a JM4 member loves most about our company. We take pride in changing the way you carry, and we love hearing from our customers! If you are considering purchasing, already own, or simply looking for new ideas for the use of our awesome products- look no further. Keep scrolling to explore the images we’ve collected from our JM4 Family, and we must admit, they’re pretty cool. Whether your hobbies include taking the tractor out for a spin or enjoying a bike ride, our holster can keep up with you. We hope you will consider adding your own photos, via social media, so we can check out the unique ideas you come up with! We strongly believe that our product will change the way you carry, and from the feedback we’ve received, our holster does just that. Use the hashtags #jm4tactical or #jm4fam and we will re-post them, with your permission of course.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


bike-blog-2.png    lake-blog-2.png    jd-blog-2.png

john-deer-blog-2.png   pink-blog-2.png    safe-blog-2.png

horse-blog-2.png  j-nichols-blog-2.png

boots-blog-2.png    hammock-blog-2.png    truck-blog-2.png


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