It’s That Time of Year

Whether you’re ready or not- Tax Season is here!

Attention: April 18, best known as Tax Day 2017, is upon us.

Although this may be a stressful time for most, there is a light at the end of this tunnel – your tax return. If you’ve been in the market for a reliable holster, we encourage you to use a portion of your tax return money on one of our hand-made holsters. And let us reassure you, spending that tax return has never been so rewarding. Buying from JM4 Tactical allows for confidence in your choice and knowing your purchase is top-quality and lifelong.

If you have been eyeing the Quick Click and Carry, we don’t blame you! Go ahead. Treat yourself and order yourself a brand spanking new holster. Why? Because you deserve it after a year of hard work!

Also, we would like to reassure you that you will be receiving a top-quality, hand-stitched, leather holster. We take pride in keeping all production here in the United States and providing the best quality for all of our products. This holster will last you a lifetime and we can promise you that the versatility is unbeatable. Trust us, spending your tax return has never felt so rewarding.

Check it out here:  Quick Click and Carry Holsters