GunSkins: Awesome Edition to Your Firearm

GunSkins – we at JM4 Tactical are big fans of trying to get the best quality product into your hands because we know if you buy a great product from the beginning, you won’t have to replace it constantly. For us, that is gun holsters, chest holsters, shoulder holsters, and our patented magnetic retention holster that can also be used as a car gun holster; we would put our holsters against the best out there and we are confident for your carrying needs we would come out on top.

Now, when a product comes out that works well with ours, we want to make sure that we test it before we promote it because you rely on us to shoot you straight and not blow smoke up your backside. So, when we started talking to GunSkins, we asked if we could try out their product before we recommend it to you.

So here is the real scoop…. bottom line, we love them.

First off, the customer service is awesome, and they were very helpful in getting you the correct product if you are like me and are always making sure you get the “right one”. The shipping was incredibly fast and everything that was sent was exactly what I asked for.

I wanted to do my daily carry, a Sig, in Multi-cam, so it would match some of my gun holsters and to be honest, I like the look. I also asked for a rifle-style skin for one of my hunting rifles, that would match my hunting pattern, this time in an ATACs Highlander. Because I have never done a coating like this before, I wanted to make sure I had all the correct tools to go with them, so I did get their Install Bundle that included a squeegee, heat gun, crafting knife, and Frog Lube cleaner.

I am a firm believer that having the right tool for the job really helps with the project.

If you have never done an AR15 build without a detent pin it’s an experience. So having all the tools in one place with all the materials was huge. All of the items used, especially the vinyl skins were of awesome quality, and I had no issues. You CAN do the installation without the squeegee, and their customer service said a hairdryer can work for the molding, but for the cost and not getting yelled at by the wife for repurposing her hair dryer, it was worth it.

For the installation, the biggest thing is to FOLLOW the instructions. We, as guys especially, tend to want to skip ahead. Go in order.  If you are worried about it, I would highly recommend watching the videos that GunSkins have on their website as they are fantastic and very well-detailed.

It took me about an hour and a half to get it all done correctly, mostly because I measured about 10 times before I did something because I didn’t want to run into issues. The fit and finish came out awesome, but I will tell you if you watch the video they recommend a sponge, and I would second that as it helped a ton to get it to grip especially on the handguard.

If you screw it up, all you need to do is apply a little heat and manipulate it to where you want it. The finish is not shiny, which I was pleased with, and it added such a small increase on the size of the firearm, that it didn’t affect the weapon light or holster fit. The best part is because my holster is leather (my preferred is my High-Ride) it won’t rub on the finish, so I anticipate this skin being on there for a long while.

We at JM4 Tactical love this product so much we have decided to partner with them. Check out their site JM4 is known for the patented magnetic retention holster – a magnetic gun holster that can also be used as a car gun holster.

Needless to say, this product looks good and feels good and I see myself upgrading a lot of my firearms in a lot more economical and less permanent coating compared to those out there.

Author: Ian Bolser