Do you need a special gun holster for your car?

Do you need a special gun holster for your car?

So, do you need a special gun holster for your car? You know our philosophy here at JM4 Tactical, we want to make a great holster to carry with you everywhere, so your weapon is secured, and you are able to defend yourself.

By everywhere we mean everywhere.

If you are like most people you have to commute to work, and for the majority of us that means that we need to get there in our own vehicles, which can create some problems. The first one is how do you carry in your vehicle and keep your firearm close at hand, ensure its secured but also make sure that you can access it in a hurry.

It is no secret that carjackings, robberies at gas stations or even folks blocking highway onramps and doing armed robberies are on the rise. On February 15th a would-be carjacker was shot dead by the car owner as he attempted to steal his car while at a gas station. (Armed robber tried to steal a man’s car at gas station, but the driver pulled out his own gun and killed the assailant, St. Louis police say – TheBlaze). So, it is up to you, on your way to work, soccer practice, to the gym or on a road trip to remain vigilant and carry…but how do you do that with KYDEX/traditional holsters?

One option I have seen is to just let it hang out in the holster on your belt. That is a great option for it being close to body, but have you driven with an uncomfortable hunk of plastic jamming into your side? I can tell you for this option of carry our premium leather holsters are night and day more comfortable than that option.

But what if you carry at 3-4 O’clock or Appendix? It can be a bit awkward to draw as it does tend to cross the seat belt (you are wearing one, right?) and prevents a cleaner draw. This is where the magnetic retention holsters that we patented really shine – like the Blazen Magnetic Retention Holster from JM4 Tactical.

I have used my magnetic belt clip to strap below the steering column as seen in our video here, or I have used it on the bar for moving the seat length under my seat.

Both of these options offer great retention and easy access, something that most KYDEX holsters can’t offer. The only thing that comes even close to that is buying additional hardware to screw into your car permanently to retain your pistol, but the majority of them still require you to attach that directly to your firearm, not the holster. That means your holster is free to move about the cabin and can be a pain if you have sudden movements shifting contents in your vehicle.

That may mean you stop for gas and can’t find your holster easily…so you say bugger it and go inside to hit the bathroom. You come out and like the guy in Saint Louis, who came out to the car seeing it getting broken into…and now you are unarmed, and the criminal now has access to the pistol…not a good day.

We spend on average of an hour in the car DAILY in the US which means over a day per month in a vehicle, so we absolutely need to ensure that we are appropriately armed in the event we need to defend ourselves. JM4s holster options ensure that you will have that capability and with the magnetic retention, if you do stage the firearm on the vehicle, the ability to rapidly re-attach to your beltline quickly is something that none of our competitors offer and should be a key factor for you when determining the right holster for you in the future.

Author: Ian Bolser