A Weapon Not on You, Won’t Help You

I was out and about all weekend and had a few interesting interactions that demonstrate exactly why we at JM4 Tactical repeatedly tell you about carrying your firearm.

The first incident was a meetup I had with someone from an online marketplace to pick up some things that had piqued my interest that were in the hunting/shooting category. While I had established a rapport with the person, I am still meeting a stranger in another area I wasn’t familiar with in a public place. The other person, who has no idea about me was also planning to go armed.

When we met up, we both agreed the other one was ok from casual conversation and we both brought the agreed-upon items. However, the location was off. After an initial talk, I headed to the restroom before business, but I noticed that the car next to me had two people either sleeping or tweaked out in it. Mind you this is about 10 am, so odd.

Getting back, another car had pulled up next to the vehicle of the other person and was asking what he had, likely thinking it was drugs or other nefarious items. While both of us were either current or prior military, we agreed that the risk in that area was not good, and we relocated. When we got to a safer location we were talking, and I said I was glad I was carrying because I got the heebeegeebees from those cars. He agreed, but his sidearm was in his car, not on his body. Mine was.

Now let’s assume that those people who were off weren’t there and I was someone with ill intent. Despite having a sidearm with him, the person I met had no defense if I drew on him and robbed him. This is a tremendous disadvantage. If those people with us were looking for drugs to steal, instead of two-armed people to fight back there was only one, because of where his firearm was at.

This is why we make such adaptable, durable, and comfortable holsters. If you don’t carry your firearm on you for self-defense, the likelihood of you getting a chance to get it back once an issue arises is slim to none.

The second situation had to do with the craziness of crowds on Mother’s Day. Walmart and other big box stores are amusing and a great area for people watching, however on high-stress days like holidays or events like Super Bowl, people are on edge. They are worried that whatever you are trying to get is whatever they need for themselves/mom/whomever….and that creates a tense atmosphere. Now take that and make it 80+ degrees, 70% humidity, long lines due to computer issues and now we have fun.

While nothing happened that was quite as interesting at first, you could hear a few arguments amongst patrons, which were broken up by their smarter and wiser better halves over such trivial stuff as flower bouquets. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people might be willing to shoot someone over a perceived slight like taking the last thing of roses.

Both incidences within a 24-hour period made me glad to know I had the ability to protect myself or others should it come to that.

The bottom line is you won’t carry if the holster you are using is uncomfortable or they don’t fit all of your clothing options. That is why our magnetic holsters are the best on the market for their versatility, especially in shorts as the weather gets hotter.

Author: Ian Bolser