Why Buy a Tactical Gun Holster?

Why Buy a Tactical Gun Holster? As you can see from our inventory, we make all of our great holsters out of full-grain leather, whereas it seems like a lot of the industry is making it out of KYDEX. So why in the world would we not jump on that bandwagon and make holsters like every other “Tommy Tacticool” shop?


When you are carrying, especially concealed, comfort is one of if not THE most important parts of the holster. Why? Because if it isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to carry it, or if you do you will be adjusting it and miserable. Without traditional holsters we get a great retention that fits like KYDEX but without the plastic on your skin or your gun. For the Original Magnetic line, you will get incredibly good retention with none of the sharp molds poking your skin.


Our holsters are made with Hermann Oak leather, a proud line that goes back to the US Cavalry, and you can see them still in museums across the nation. You can run over the leather holster, and it will remain in shape with the strong stitching and go back to size, something I would bet no competitor can match.


Now how in the world is our product innovative if the same leather was used in WW1 by your great grandpappy? First off, we cut all of ours to fit your exact make and model, including making cuts for reflex sights and lights, something that is not common in the leather holster market.

We also use incredibly strong magnets, specifically in our Original and Roughneck holsters which retain your handgun with incredible strength, without a retention strap.

I took a fully loaded Glock 20 with 15 rounds, put it in and held it upside down, and shook it hard, and it stayed in the holster. I can also wear my holster in gym clothes, dressed up in a suit, or hiking with the family, and the best part of that is that belts aren’t needed so you could carry it in sweatpants.

Finally, that same magnet allows you to use your holster in a ton of different situations, like at the office or driving. I carry everywhere I go, and because of the travel, having a hunk of iron on my hip (or in front for appendix carry) is not always the best option due to a seatbelt preventing draw.

Instead, I hook the magnet to my steering wheel column (which also works on the seat lever in front for adjusting the length to the pedals) and now I have rapid access and don’t have to worry about the pistol becoming debris if I am in an accident.

It’s also great because I do not have to drill holes in my vehicles to support a holster, something that helps the resale value.

American Made:

Our company is American-made, and in this day in age where a lot of other manufacturers get their parts, pieces, or entire product mass-produced by kids in a sweatshop somewhere overseas, ours is made at home, ensuring the best quality and helping our community.

Have questions? Hit us up by email, call us, or look us up on Facebook. Try a JM4 Tactical holster, I promise it will be the last one you ever buy (unless it’s to buy for all of your other handguns).

Author: Ian Bolser