Transgender Shooter Specifically Targets Kids at Religious School

On 27 March, it was much like any other day. Most people got up, went to work, took kids to school, and were trying to get through the craziness of 2023. However, that same day in a small town in Tennessee, a deeply disturbed person who “identified” as a man but was born a woman decided that was a day to exact vengeance against innocent Christian children and school administrators. While more details will come out in the coming days, what is evident within the first 24 hours is that this was absolutely targeted because of their faith and not bending to believe a figment of their imagination.

The perpetrator knew what she was planning to do. According to police, she scoped out the school, marking cameras, and access areas, and noting security and thus chose the school she shot up because of the LACK of security for her to do what she was going to do. She made maps, had a plan, and went about exacting her revenge…. revenge against 3 innocent 9-year-old children for crimes they had never committed, offenses that were never theirs.

The media, like usual POUNCED on the opportunity to immediately decry for gun control because it just HAD to be a white, male shooter…they were salivating to just stick it to Christian gun owners one more time. The White House even got involved before the scene was completely secure decrying “Gun Control” because only a sick and twisted man had to have done this. The weapons used were known before the name of the shooter. Details about everything from police times, videos, and pictures came out…. but not the name or details of the shooter. If it had fit the narrative, we all know that the name would have been released, and that shooter would have been decried immediately as a name buzzword (racist, homophobe, white supremacist, etc.).

How could that be?

But when it came out that a transgender-identifying female was the shooter…. well, that flies in the face of what everyone was expecting. How could that be? Within minutes media pundits were in full swing immediately giving the shooter an excuse for what had happened. They were bullied. They were not accepted for whom they were. When she went to the school, she might have been a victim of hate crimes, or molested because that is what Christian priests do. Other media outlets immediately went on the attack saying that the police “misgendered” the shooter because she was a “he”, how dare they. No signs of mental illness for the shooter…. are you insane?

Let’s not forget that we had Democrat politicians (former VA Democrat staffer specifically) calling for “Week of Vengeance” for transgender activists (slated for Saturday) and have even been funneling money in for weapons and training…. but that is just coincidence, I am sure. The target was specifically Tennessee, in response to laws passed there recently.

One pundit said something to the effect that the world is so unaccepting of trans people, especially Christians. Has anyone ever been to the Middle East? Have you not seen Arab nations literally executing people they accuse of being homosexual, in public by beheading? Thrown from a mosque? Stoned to death for being “impure” but someone who says they refuse to believe your mental psychosis is deserving of murder?

To make it worse, the President of the United States decided it was appropriate to start the press conference by making jokes about his love of ice cream. Not somber, not sadness for the loss of life of the victims or even the shooter, no…. that was too much. It was ice cream jokes followed immediately by dog whistling for gun control…. because never let a tragedy go to waste.

The police in the case said that the perpetrator had a specific reason to not go to one other location….it came down to security. If you are unarmed and unable to offer a defense, you are a soft target. The shooter chose this location specifically because they would have less resistance in carrying out their attack. Instead of announcing that we need to focus on securing our schools, the President, several senators, and other Democrats immediately said nope, you don’t need guns, because that would have saved the children here. It took police 14 minutes to get there….14. Tell me again how you feel I should give up my self-defense rights and pray for 14 minutes my kids, my wife, my family, your family doesn’t get shot waiting for police. Let’s not forget the shooter broke multiple laws (guns in school, discharging a firearm in city limits, murder), but more laws will fix that…. have we not seen how this doesn’t work?

I refuse to be a victim, and I will do everything in my power to protect myself, my family, your family, and my property. I refuse to believe your imagination as reality, and I will not be threatened with submission. I will treat everyone with respect, but I will not ever allow you to force your beliefs on me through the barrel of a gun, but I will prepare for that event should it happen, with my gun ready in my magnetic holster.


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