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That Holster’s Unsafe! Or is it?

A substance named graphene is alleged to be the strongest known material on Earth. This man-made material is made up of carbon atoms arranged in a specific manner to give it the properties it possesses. Through a process using solvents, graphene sheets can be molded into specific forms. Unless your holster is made of graphene, …

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Carrying 24/7

“Bad stuff happens when you least expect it”-Murphy’s Law If you have been alive longer than a few months, and have seen the world these days, it seems like there is always a disaster or crisis or something going on. While a lot of that can be attributed to the 24 hour a day fear …

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The Sound of Silence

Among many of the other crazy rules and regulations that the government has placed upon the ordinary citizen is the regulation of suppressors (also known as silencers to the uninformed). They will run you as low as a couple of hundred dollars to the thousands and are accompanied with a 4 to 12-month wait and …

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