Exploited Tragedies in Texas

Here at JM4 Tactical, you can tell we are very pro-2nd Amendment, and we make the best holsters for you to carry your firearm to protect yourself anywhere you go. The counterargument is that we don’t need to carry because it is the gun that is to blame for the evil that has transpired across the nation and the world. But is that accurate?

Last month the great state of Texas saw two horrific crimes, one in the city of Allen, and the other in Brownsville. The first, a shooter with ill intent shot 8 people in a mall, and with the initial media already claiming that he was a “Neo-Nazi”. The second was a man driving an SUV that plowed into a group of migrants, also killing 8.

What makes these two incidents different is solely the method by which the people were killed. The left immediately made wild accusations about the person’s intent, decried gun violence, and pushed for strict gun control/banning of firearms. Yet, there has been no one who is decrying automobile violence, or calling for stricter regulation of SUV control. There is even some concern that the driver was either negligent or under the influence as he flew through a red light and lost control of the vehicle.

Both incidents resulted in death, which is tragic, but why is one filled with public outcry while the other is only a minor story? I would argue it is because one fits a narrative that reduces the average citizens’ power while the other offers no such political gain, so there is no incentive to talk about it.

Let us look at the Nashville shooting a few months back. The criminal that hurt all those innocent children and staff didn’t fit the narrative, and thus her name, manifesto, and much of the case were either delayed in getting to the media or still withheld. The shooter in Allen, TX has already been identified as a potential white supremacist, his name is already known, as are his potential leanings.

Did you hear on the weekend of April 17th that at least 10 people were killed, and 26 wounded in Chicago gun violence according to Chicago Sun-Times? In an article by ABC News on 26 Jan 2023, they stated that despite having the strictest gun control in the Nation, California was still rife with gun crime.

“Background checks are not going to catch everyone, especially those without a criminal history, those who have never been psychiatrically hospitalized or who don’t meet any of the other criteria for the prohibition of owning a gun”. So, what you are saying is that the measures that these people are calling for don’t work…so we should do more of them?

“I think it is just common sense that people willing to commit mass shootings are also willing to lie on background checks,” said Lori Post, Director of Health Policy at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

What about vehicles? They are 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths in the USA, with drugs and Falls rounding out the top 3. Last year 42,795 people were killed in the US due to traffic accidents. Now there were 48,830 deaths according to Pew Research for all firearms last year, but 57% were either suicides or “other” meaning accidental or law enforcement. That means the actual number was close to half that of cars, but we don’t see more regulation on them, checking for mental stability, or their political leanings.

It is easy to get caught up in sensationalized news, hell I do it too. But we need to look at things objectively, and honestly. When two incidents are in the same state, with different means and nearly the same fatalities occur, yet there is only one that is in the media, it’s propaganda to push a narrative.

Author: Ian Bolser