Preparing for the Unexpected

Unexpected things happen

We at JM4 write all the time about the need to carry your firearm because you never know when or where you will need it, as unexpected things tend to happen. That falls into a much larger category of preparedness that we touch on but don’t always call out explicitly because let’s be honest, it has a lot of not so awesome connotations.

When you think about being prepared frequently it brings to mind the family wearing gas masks, in full chemical suits, and sporting a hodge podge of Communist bloc weapons. While I personally don’t mind that image, it turns a ton of people off to the topic. But we all are preppers in some form or another.

Don’t believe me? Do you have food in your cabinets? Do you keep extra water on hand? How about cash just in case your credit card doesn’t work? If you answered yes to any of those questions then congratulations, you are a prepper.

Most people think that if you are a prepper, it is all focused-on firearms, which in my opinion a lot of people focus on and tend to forget everything else. But here at JM4, we do try to diligently provide things that we think you need to carry to ensure that you are prepared regardless of where you go.

The first thing that you might want to consider is the JM4 Tactical Flashlight. I know that a lot of us have lights on our carry pistol but there are a few reasons that you may not want to use that as your primary light source. For one if you are out and about and you hear something you may not want to draw your pistol and point it at your dog/kid/spouse or innocent bystander, so having a light that is not attached is a great idea.

Second, the light we offer is small in size, not bulky, water resistant and it runs off AAA, something I look for because proprietary batteries can be tough to find. This is a great thing to keep on person or in your car or get-home bag (you have one of those right?)

Another item we offer that you may not think about is a tactical pen. Why on earth would you need this pen, you may ask? Well, I got several reasons that you probably haven’t considered. I work in an area where I am not allowed to carry a firearm, and many of you may not even have the ability to keep a pocket knife. But a pen, well that may draw less attention.

This pen is durable, made of great quality aluminum but sports a tungsten carbide tip that can be easily deployed in place of the ballpoint function. This tip as shown here can easily break glass and could provide some defense in areas where other defensive tools may be prohibited. On a side note, I would not recommend trying to take one of these through the airport as it is likely to cause some issues. However, I will let you know if I have issues with mine in checked luggage as I head overseas for a trip.

Finally, we are always focused on the event itself, the defense of our family or friends, but what about after? Do you have what you need to stop the bleeding if you are injured? I currently am in martial arts, and we practice both knife and gun defense while unarmed, and we all know there is a high likelihood you will be hurt regardless of how perfect the technique is.

Well, we offer a great trauma kit to help address those injuries until you can get help. Full of quality medical gear, this will be enough to help you in a bad spot to make sure that you or a loved one survives until help arrives.

So be a prepper, and be prepared because you never know when or where one of these offerings might be the difference between life and death.

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Author: Ian Bolser