Hunting in Alaska With My JM4 Tactical Chest Rig

Hunting in Alaska this summer with my JM4 chest rig was epic! For my Caribou hunt, I did extensive research to find the perfect Alaskan chest rig. Of all the options out there, JM4 was hands-down the best chest rig on the market. Their chest rig uses the same technology as the Relic series holsters, which is a polymer-based holster with a thin, leather lining, and a leather backing, creating the most advanced hybrid chest rig a shooter can carry.

JM4 Holsters Check Every Box

The two most important elements I was looking for in a holster were comfort and retention. The JM4 chest rig is so comfortable at times I wasn’t even aware of his presence. This is largely due to the leather, backing the rest against the chest, and the 2-inch shoulder straps which caused the weight of the firearm to be evenly distributed across The Body. On the retention side, the polymer-based exterior shell protects the gun from both brush and debris. It also has the maximum retention possible with a perfectly molded fit to the gun carrier, an easy access retention strap with a durable button, and an additional layer of retention to prevent the gun from falling out of the holster.

This Chest Rig is Here to Stay

In preparation for my first Alaskan hunt, there were quite a few new pieces of gear I had to purchase. The JM4 chest rig, what I affectionately refer to as my Alaskan Chest rig is hands down my favorite piece of accessory gear I carried in the woods. In fact, it’s the only piece of gear from that time that I’ve worn on every hunt since purchase.
If you are looking for the best hunting holster for your sidearm, you’ve found it. If a chest rig isn’t your thing, or you want to switch up your normal routine, you can also look at our shoulder gun holster.


JM4 chest rig was perfect for my hunt in beautiful Alaska