Give the Gift of Freedom

JM4 Tactical Gift Card


It is mid-December (man, where the hell did the year go?) and we are rapidly approaching Christmas and Hanukkah, where we express our love and care by giving gifts to those near and dear to us.

Most people give technology, perfumes, or knick-knacks that will in all honesty be forgotten or used up within a year. So what can you give to friends and family that might last a bit longer? Here are my top ideas.

Kids: I am a big fan of starting out gun safety early and to do that you really need to have a proper firearm. While I love the idea of a Red Ryder BB gun (I got one when I was a kid and didn’t shoot my eye out), I found with my own kids that it was hard to manipulate and shoot. I think a real firearm offers a bit more longevity.

I know several folks who recommend a Ruger 10/22, but I went with a Cricket 22LR. The former lasts a lot longer but it’s heavier and harder for kiddos to load, whereas the Cricket (aka Savage Rascal) is smaller, and they will grow out of it faster.

Teens: If your child has cultivated an interest in shooting sports and/or hunting, look for a good, intermediate caliber gun that’s versatile for sport, hunting and potentially self-defense. I personally like the AR-15 for several reasons.

  • First, recoil is negligible (my daughter calls hers the “pea shooter”).
  • Second is that you can help them build it out to their specifications, lengths, and even colors.

Finally, you can start with a 22LR bolt and magazine, and graduate to 223/5.56, 300 BLK or 6.5 Grendel which can be used for hunting, as well as self-defense. The best part is when they are of age, they can take it with them when they leave the house.

Adults are harder because we usually like what we like, and most of us don’t like change. I would really give serious consideration to gift cards. If you’re reading this and your significant other has a firearm, but you are not sure what they carry or how they like to carry it, consider getting one of our gift cards so they can pick out the right holster for them.

As someone who started carrying a J4M Original, having tried out the Roughneck and the Relic, they all met different needs for different firearms and situations. Trying to explain that to someone buying me a gift would have gotten lost in translation.

Men, if you know your lady is carrying, and you want to make sure she’s squared away, we have a ton of smaller holsters and even some in lady colors to match that fiery lady’s style. Especially if you’re planning to add an attachment to her firearm, such as a light, laser, or red dot a custom holster will allow you to mod her gun and ultimately give her the confidence to carry with no concerns about compatibility.

Finally, one that applies everywhere is AMMO! I know, boring right? But in all seriousness, if you’ve seen our recent blogs from ammo shortages to potential price gouging, we can all assume that it’s likely not getting better.

With two conflicts in Europe, the Middle East AND an election year in 2024, we know the shelves might be getting bare. So, in the words of some very smart folks, make sure you have a “prodigious amount” to practice with and to shoot that shiny new toy under the tree.

Author: Ian Bolser