Carrying to Survive

RELIC Holster

The world we live in seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. Ballooning debt, potential conflicts abroad in China and Ukraine, civil unrest at home, spy balloons, and inflation … all seem to be going on at the same time.

It can be a lot to take in and try and prepare for everything as it all seems to be on fire and money and time are finite. So why is it important to focus on carrying?

When you look at all the things going on, I for one think things have the potential to get worse before they get better. With the rise in inflation, people become stretched on what they can afford such as food, gas for cars, and a place to live and that has a lot more implications. This downward spiral can lead to substance abuse or people behaving irrationally.

Think of what you would do if your kids were hungry … What would you do?

Couple that with political tensions, people feeling that they are under-represented/misrepresented, and clashes in ideologies sparking physical confrontations, odds are increasingly likely that you will get into some sort of confrontation. So, what do you do?

I think carrying a handgun is crucial as it is a start to get into take ownership and control of your environment as best you can. How can you expect to defend someone intent on taking your only vehicle at knifepoint, waiting for the police? How do you know they aren’t willing to ensure there are no witnesses?

As the world gets a bit crazier, I think carrying concealed is the smartest way to provide immediate security while not drawing attention to yourself.

For example, if you happen to be in a liquor store getting a bottle of wine and it is held up by some criminals, if you have a firearm that is seen, you become a target for them to engage immediately either to disarm or kill to prevent the threat to their mission.

If you have read some of my previous articles, concealed in a survival or desperate situation allows you to blend in with the common populace but also have the ability to use lethal force if needed. Our holsters are incredibly concealable, and comfortable, allowing you to have those tools at your disposal if needed.

Let’s say you need to leave an area due to wildfire in your vehicle, you have all your valuables in that one vehicle…what happens if someone wants to take that vehicle for their own?

If you have tried to draw from a holster at your 3oclock from under your seatbelt, it’s not easy and therefore telegraphs you are drawing for your weapon … not good if you are at gunpoint.

So, what do you do? The magnetic retention of our holsters allows you to post your weapon on your steering column while being retained securely…. a lot easier and more covert than the alternate.

Now I am not a pessimist at all, I do hold out hope that things will get better, which may be a bit naïve, however, I do feel that we as citizens need to be prepared to protect ourselves.

This protection includes having the right gear, such as a good and reliable handgun, a solid holster from JM4, as well as the right training to defend yourself should you need to in these trying times.

If inflation has shown you anything is that prices will go up, especially for quality gear, and it is better to have it sooner and train with it than it is to be stuck in a bad way wishing you had made that choice sooner.

Author: Ian Bolser