Why Does JM4 Tactical Use Magnets In Their Holsters?

We live in a world of gimmicks, where it is hard to decipher the truly unique and revolutionary products and what is imitation, falls short, or is downright crap. From cleaning products to miracle elixirs, and others, we hear everywhere that “this product is unique,” but most companies can’t explain what makes them different.

Here at JM4 Tactical, however, we can explain why our holsters are unique and why you need one to carry your gun around in. We can answer the common question found on the internet and web forums: why does JM4 Tactical use magnets in their holsters?

Before we get to the magnets, a good holster has to start with the highest quality materials you can buy.

Grade A Hermann Oak Lether:

Leather holsters, by themselves, aren’t unique. We get it. You have seen them from the days of covered wagons holding the six-shooter on the hips of legends of the big screen like John Wayne.

However, not all leather holsters are the same. Unlike many, we use Hermann Oak leather, which can trace its pedigree to the Cavalry of the days of yore up through the World Wars … so we are the real deal when it comes to the quality of materials used.

Why we use magnets in our holsters:

Unlike the leather holsters of yesteryear, we decided to use a bit of science to help with both the carrying of your sidearm as well as the retention of your piece.

Magnetic holster mounting:

Most holsters are attached to a belt, which makes sense as it keeps the firearm at waist height for drawing. However, that doesn’t help you if you are going to the gym, wearing sweats or basketball shorts, or some other type of pants that don’t utilize a belt.

We fixed this by having two very strong magnets complete the loop mechanism for the holster, meaning that if you don’t have a belt you can still carry your gun using nothing more than whatever you have on your waist — whatever it is ranging from sweats and basketball shorts to yoga pants and anything else in between.

I tested this out personally and could carry a small or medium frame pistol in my gym shorts with no noticeable sign of carrying, and with the drawstrings I didn’t lose my shorts either.

Magnet gun retention:

The other revolutionary aspect of using magnets is retention. In the days of horse cavalry, many of the 6 shooters were long and heavy, so the risk that they might fall out of holster was minimal.

However, when you are carrying in your local Walmart you don’t want to bend over and have your Glock smack on the floor while picking up a toy on the bottom shelf.

Many companies have come up with their own solutions to this problem. Many KYDEX holsters have button retention, which can work well, but I have found it has two flaws.

First is that Kydex is harsh on your pistol’s finish, which protects it from the heat and humidity of being carried close to the body. Second, is that this button retention requires a ton of practice and can lead to people being unable to draw the weapon in a chaotic time because they don’t press the button and pull simultaneously.

Another alternative you will see is a retention strap, usually across the rear of the pistol. This works ok but can drastically slow down draw times. I also have some issues because that can depress the rear safety on 1911s and others, which if you carry in condition 1 (round in the chamber, hammer cocked) it’s one less fail-safe for a misfire.

Our magnets offer the right amount of retention while also allowing you to draw unencumbered as you’re unable to with retention buttons or straps. There are plenty of videos showcasing the retention capability of these holsters as people flip them upside down, and the guns stay put.

Other magnetic mounting options:

Finally, magnetic retention offers mounting options at home or in the car. For example, it can be affixed to the bedframe at night, or on the steering column of your truck. We don’t recommend that gun carriers remove their gun in the car for various reasons but understand that folks do, and it’s nice to have the option.


These are great holsters, and I’ve been using them for a while now. What have you got to lose? Give them a try, today: JM4 Tactical Magnetic Holsters.

Author: Ian Bolser