ICYMI: New Colorado Gun Laws

ICYMI: The state of Colorado passed four new gun laws that will do nothing to effectively curb the “gun violence” that they are purporting to do. A once proud gun-owning state is now falling in lockstep with anti-2nd Amendment states like California, Washington, and Illinois.

The first law they passed was the increase in age for all Colorado would-be gun owners from 18 to 21. While some might think this is a good thing because it will prevent High School aged students from access to firearms, let’s look at the mass shootings they have had. The Columbine shooters obtained ILLEGAL firearms outside of normal channels. The Aurora movie shooter obtained his legal, as did the nightclub shooter last year.

If you look outside of Colorado and reach out to Sandy Hook, he shot his mother and stole hers. The shooter in Tennessee obtained all of hers legally. So, tell me, how exactly does this help the mass shootings that they are claiming to prevent?

Additionally, let’s look at other miss-intended targets.

This prevents all college-age people from being armed, despite being considered legal adults. What about military-age people who can join with a parent at age 17? They can theoretically be deployed and killed in a foreign country, while carrying a fully automatic machine gun, grenades, claymore mines, ability to call in for airstrikes, but can’t defend their own home when they return.

Another law they are passing is a 3-day waiting period. While this is aimed at a domestic violence or crimes of passion, I would argue that all the above shooters didn’t go out the day before and get all of their firearms…3 days will not matter, as has been shown in California and others.

Colorado has also decided to double down on their “red flag” laws, which for those of you who have not heard of these abominations you should take heed of. Say you and your co-worker don’t see eye to eye politically. On an accusation that you are a threat, the police can now come and remove your firearms without you having committed a crime.

Think about that.

You have done nothing wrong; you have not committed a crime and are not being labeled as mentally deficient, but the State can now take away your firearms for an undefined time, and only get them back after a massive amount of legal paperwork.

Finally, the state decided to roll back some of the protections from lawsuits against a company that manufactures guns, meaning that they could potentially be sued for how their firearms are used. So that means someone legally acquires a firearm. Does everything above, waits their 3 days, gets training, and all the legal gates to ownership. They then defend their home from an intruder. That family sues the defender and isn’t successful, the family of the decedent can still turn around and file a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer. It would make the manufacturer liable for their criminal family members’ death because they shouldn’t have been killed for just trying to rob, rape, or murder.

These lawsuits are amazingly stupid because I don’t see McDonald’s getting sued for making people fat which leads to heart disease and death (#1 killer in America at 695,547 deaths), or Ford/Chevy/GM being sued for drunk driving deaths or car fatalities. How about Coke/Pepsi/Candy manufacturers for diabetes?

What these politicians and elites don’t realize is that laws don’t affect criminals. They commit crimes…hence the name….so they don’t really follow laws.

These affect law-abiding citizens, like you and me.

Call your representatives. File lawsuits against these draconian laws, or support those who do. We at JM4 Tactical have already put our money where our mouth is and spent tens of thousands of dollars in support of organizations that fight these laws. So, join us. Get a gun holster from us and carry your firearms as often as you can (our magnetic retention gun holster also works as a car gun holster). Stand with us and others that fight idiocy like these laws.  And keep on sipping on your Patriotic coffee.

Author: Ian Bolser