Secure Your Perimeter

The recent shooting in Uvalde, TX, is an absolute tragedy and something that should never have happened. Unfortunately, it has been a regular occurrence since I was in school, and Columbine was in the news. This is an act of terrorism, in my opinion, and would fall in some of the recognized definitions as well. …

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Intruders Beware

As I have shown in previous articles, bad things can happen anywhere, and just because you live in a nice neighborhood doesn’t mean you won’t be a target for home invasion. Around 1230 in the afternoon, three hooded men broke into a home with the apparent intent to rob the house when they were met …

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Carjacked In Your Driveway

In this video from a news clip in 2019, a 17-year-old kid was warming up his car before school was held at gunpoint by an assailant wearing body armor. Unfortunately, this terrifying scenario is becoming more common as inflation, joblessness, and the “defund the police” are still prevalent today. Let’s break this down. First, the …

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