Should I Carry A Spare Magazine?

One of the most hotly debated topics in the concealed carry world is in regards to carrying a spare magazine. More specifically, if it’s worthwhile to carry an extra magazine or not. To be honest, there are pros and cons to carrying an extra mag. This blog post is laid out into two different sections. …

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Exploited Tragedies in Texas

Here at JM4 Tactical, you can tell we are very pro-2nd Amendment, and we make the best holsters for you to carry your firearm to protect yourself anywhere you go. The counterargument is that we don’t need to carry because it is the gun that is to blame for the evil that has transpired across …

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Preparing for the Unexpected

Unexpected things happen We at JM4 write all the time about the need to carry your firearm because you never know when or where you will need it, as unexpected things tend to happen. That falls into a much larger category of preparedness that we touch on but don’t always call out explicitly because let’s …

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Carrying a 22

We at JM4 have seen an uptick in the carrying of 22LR/22Magnum pistols in the holster purchases. While these fun little guns are not recommended for day-to-day against bad people with bad intent, there are some really good reasons to get and carry this caliber. For one they are versatile, being able to dispatch small …

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