If They Fail To Ban Guns, They’ll Try To Ban These Next

There is a continuous onslaught of attacks in regard to the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms. There is no shortage of gun laws that are different throughout the country, between counties, and within cities in all 50 states.

If they had it their way, they’d ban guns everywhere of all types.

The Second Amendment remains clear, however, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. These anti-gun politicians don’t have an uphill battle to fight, they’ve got a cliff in front of them, and there is no way around it.

That doesn’t mean they won’t try other ways to restrict our rights as much as they possibly can. If they fail with guns, they will try other avenues of disarmament.

Let’s discuss.

Magazine Manufacturer Bans:

This is kind of a no-brainer because many states like California, Colorado, New York, and others have already made a show of banning magazines of a certain capacity for firearms, but there is nothing that says that they can’t ban their manufacture and sale outright.

Colorado is a great example because the magazine and part manufacturer MagPul used to be located there but when the legislation came, they moved states.

Ammunition Restrictions:

There is zero requirement for the government to allow for the purchase of ammunition. Fun fact a lot of the 9mm, 5.56, 7.62×51 and other NATO rounds are made using government ammunition manufacturing plants and it rotates between manufacturers (Winchester for example), and they are allowed to sell the overage on the production to civilians.

So, if the military needs X amount of rounds, the manufacturer gets to sell anything above that to re-coup the costs of running the plants.

Not too long ago it was attempted to prevent this from happening, specifically with 5.56mm ammo, but Winchester fought back and claimed breach of contract. That said there is nothing stating anywhere that it couldn’t be a choke point for the anti-2A crowds.

One way to mitigate this is to look into making your own. Right now, components for reloading are still available, but nowhere near as cheap as they once were. It’s a great hobby and a great way to fine-tune your firearms ammunition to the weapon to wring more accuracy and potentially better terminal ballistics of your rounds.

“Assault Weapons” Ban:

While this isn’t technically a linchpin, it is something that I think needs to be talked about. In recent years there has been a lot about creating another Assault Weapons Ban.

While statistically the ban did nothing according to the CDC and a ton of other studies, it is a feel-good piece of legislation that, similarly to the stabilizing brace ban, would make millions of felons overnight.

Additionally, it is widely believed that the definition of an “assault weapon” would drastically change, hence it would likely affect everything from your standard Glock 19 through a 50BMG, to your kid’s Ruger 10/22 and its scary 25-round magazine.

Armor Ban:

In the past, I have talked about body armor, and I do still see a civilian use for it. On another blog I mentioned the psychology of a fight and needing to come to terms that you might get hurt. One mitigation to getting hurt seriously is body armor.

While AR500 armor and other steel armor is cheap and effective against MOST threats you are likely to face, if you have the spare money, you could spend the extra for ceramic plates like the military uses and can defeat 30-06 Armor piercing rounds.

What’s better is if you get the steel plates and carrier you can use it for fitness to add some rigor to your run or weight workout.

Bottom line, I don’t think that they (the anti-gunners) will have a lot of success in getting all guns banned but certain guns, their subcomponents, magazines, or ammunition could be easy targets for legislation.

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Author: Ian Bolser