Are Holster Claws Only For Appendix Carry?

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One of the most misunderstood tools in the concealed carry shed is the holster claw. We’ve already discussed the holster claw in greater depth in another article, and we do sell a holster with a claw which you can find here.

For a refresher, a claw is simply a device that can be added to a holster by the user to help push the grip of the gun inward toward the body. This helps in reducing the chance that your gun’s outline will be visible on your shirt.

This is known in the industry at large as “printing.”

This time, in a much shorter article, I wanted to answer the following question:

Are holster claws only for appendix carry?

No, holster claws are not just for appendix, or in front of your body. They can be utilized on any holster that will accommodate one in any position you want, just as long as it’s on your hip and it’s comfortable.

Because the purpose of the holster claw is to help hide the gun, it makes sense that it can be used just about anywhere on the beltline. Though, I will say that I’ve never seen anyone use one in the small of back, or 6 o’clock position.

That said, I have personally used a holster with a claw in both the 3 and 4 o’clock concealed carry positions with much success. So, no. Holster claws aren’t only for appendix carry.

Claw considerations for other positions:

Something to keep in mind is that just because some people do something, doesn’t mean that it’ll always work for you. Just like I don’t carry in the appendix position because of how my body is shaped and moves, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use a claw in the 3 or 4 o’clock position because I can.

Truth be told, it’s not always comfortable for folks, and the holster does play a part in comfort. Its ride height, cant degree, and positioning of the claw are all important to how comfy you’ll be while wearing it.

That said, the only way you’ll know if it’ll work for you is if you try it. I’m biased, but think you should try this holster with the included claw.

Why do people think a claw can only be used for appendix carry?

To my knowledge, the holster claw was originally designed specifically for folks who carried appendix IWB (AIWB). They were developed because a lot of folks have problems concealing a firearm when it’s in front of their body, and the claw does an excellent job at forcing the gun’s grip inward.


The only way you’ll know if a holster claw is right for your setup is to actually try one out. You can and should use a holster with a claw anywhere on your belt line because they do work well to help hide your gun.

Try one out. You’ll be glad you did.