When Would You Wear A Chest Holster

Chest holsters are becoming ever more popular, and with good reason. This is an excellent method of carrying a gun for hunters and other folks who spend a lot of their time outdoors or for people who need to keep their waistline free of gear for one reason or another.

Let’s discuss who needs a chest holster, and a few different scenarios for when you’d need one.

When would you use a chest holster?

A chest holster is ideal for hunters, hikers, and fishers. Also, for anyone who needs to have their waistline free of extra gear if there are already packs and/or other items already on the belt, having a gun in a chest holster makes a lot of sense.

Hunting, hiking, or fishing:

One of the biggest reasons why gun owners have started to look into chest holsters is that they’re popular for hunters, hikers, and even fishers.

It’s a great way to free up your hands and put your gun in an intuitive spot for drawing. When your gun starts up high it actually helps you save some time during the draw stroke.

It also helps your belt stay free from any extra gear if you need to wear something else there, like an IFAK or something else.

When you can’t have a gun on your belt:

There are several different outdoor activities where you just can’t have your gun on your belt for one reason or another. In a circumstance like this, it’s a great idea to use a chest holster. Something that comes to mind immediately, is fishing or needing to get into deeper water during a hike.

Obviously, you’d want to keep your gun as dry as possible, and wading through knee-high water where you could trip on a big rock and fall up to your waistline isn’t ideal.

If you are doing an activity where you already have other gear on your belt, or in the way of your normal gun holster, utilizing a chest holster makes a lot of sense.

When you need to move freely:

Putting a gun on your chest allows your waistline to remain free and therefore enables you to move about freely. When you’re hiking out in the woods, need to climb a tree, need to go wading through some waist-high water, etc., having a gun on your chest makes a lot of sense.

When you need two guns

It may sound extreme, but hear me out. In certain parts of the country, it makes sense to have a gun for big animals looking for a snack, as well as one for folks who’d kill you for your stuff.

If you can spare the space, having a big bore revolver in something like .454 Casull on your hip for an angry bear and a smaller carry gun on your chest for bad guys (or reversed depending on your preferences) makes sense.

I’m a big fan of having more than I need, and most of these big bore revolvers are limited in capacity. So, having two guns in this situation is better than one.

Of course, if you’re east of the Mississippi, you wouldn’t need anything larger than a 44 magnum.


Sometimes having a chest holster makes a lot of sense. Though, it’s not for everyone. If you have a need for a chest rig, we’ve got you covered. Check out our chest holster from our RELIC series of holsters, today.