Carrying a 22

We at JM4 have seen an uptick in the carrying of 22LR/22Magnum pistols in the holster purchases. While these fun little guns are not recommended for day-to-day against bad people with bad intent, there are some really good reasons to get and carry this caliber. For one they are versatile, being able to dispatch small […]

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Magnetic Holster

Why Do You Carry?

Why do you carry? Most people don’t do something unless they can answer a very simple question…. why? Why am I getting up at 5 am to work out before work/school? Why am I working hard at work when the lazy guy two down from me is getting paid the same way? Why do we

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Man Shoots Perp with Perps gun in self-defense, charged with crime!

What happened to Self-defense? The world has obviously gone upside down, as anyone can tell from watching the news, the “mostly peaceful protests with fire in the background, or people defending themselves being charged with attempted murder. Yet that is exactly what happened in the most gun-friendly of places, New York City. A 57-year-old parking

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Lives Saved By Firearms

How many lives are saved by firearms? Gun grabbers love to say how many lives are taken each year by firearm violence, usually sitting trumped-up numbers that include suicides and accidents, however, few of them actually admit that the presence of a firearm can and does save lives. So why are those statistics so hard

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Layers of Defense

Layers of Defense – One of the first things you learn, when you get into the military, is that defense is not like the days of old where you have one or two means of defense, and if they get past that picket, welp, you are screwed. Today’s threats are everywhere, from online stalking on

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Secure Your Perimeter

Secure Your Perimeter – The recent shooting in Uvalde, TX, is an absolute tragedy and something that should never have happened. Unfortunately, it has been a regular occurrence since I was in school, and Columbine was in the news. This is an act of terrorism, in my opinion, and would fall in some of the

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