Concealed Carry Why You Should Carry Everywhere, Every Day

Should you carry at home?

It has come to my attention that there are many people within the 2A, prepper, and concealed carry communities that only carry when they are going out, or not at “home base”.

This is a common practice, and I can see how that might make some sense as you are not in your own surroundings and more likely to interact with people that are not familiar to you, and therefore there might be an increased likelihood that there is an altercation.

You carry in case trouble finds you

However, when you come home, most people (I have caught myself doing it as well) take off the sidearm and put it in its respective spot, be it a bedside table, a safe, or something like that. However, I think this is short-sighted and incredibly dangerous, especially if you are not able to access it readily anywhere in the house.

I am assuming that most of you reading this article are good folks, ones that typically aren’t hotheads who go out looking for trouble; which means that you carry just in case trouble finds you.

The problem with that is that you are entirely reactionary to troubles’ first move. And if you have ever played any sport or know anything about predatory animals, they never attack when the prey is ready for it. That is why they look for targets of opportunity out in public, but it also applies at home.

We all have the vision of the 2 a.m. burglary and getting our tricked-out Glock or 1911 and engaging the threat, but what about the guy who rolls up on you raking leaves in your yard?

How about while your kids are outside playing in the front yard, while you watch from the garage … if someone came to nab your kids, would you need to go and arm yourself and then go try and engage before they shove your child into an unmarked van?

How about if there was a rattlesnake in-between your legs? I have had the latter happen and I was stuck there with nothing to help my cause should he decide I wasn’t destined to have kids.

Bad things tend to happen when we least expect them, carrying them all the time and everywhere is the best way to assure that you are covered and your family is protected.  If you decide to carry, it makes sense to do it every day and everywhere.

You must practice carrying everywhere, every day

The point is, I am starting to practice carrying everywhere, every day. Not just when I go out, but when I am working out in the garage with the door open.

When I am cooking dinner at the stove or reading on the back porch, I have some way to protect myself and my family. I never did this before, as usual, my holsters were uncomfortable and hot.

That, or I would need to wear my belt-looped jeans versus my much more comfortable sweats or gym shorts.

But since I got my Original holster, I have been able to carry everywhere, in all conditions and all clothing options, which makes all-day carry so much easier. This includes especially in the truck, as I know some holsters are uncomfortable to sit with, which the Original isn’t.

And if you want that extra room while driving the strong magnets can attach to the steering column and therefore my firearm is ready when I need it, versus throwing it in a glovebox, this is where the magnetic holster really stands out.

We at JM4 Tactical are serious about you being able to protect yourself and your loved ones 24/7, and that becomes a lot more feasible when done with one of our amazing magnetic holsters.

Author: Ian Bolser