Firearms registration: Are your rights ever absolute – The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival

Absolute rights – did you get what you voted for?

Another election cycle has come and gone, and many are gloating that their side won and that life will all get better now. Does that mean that your rights will be protected?  For example, will the government ever again abuse its power when it comes to firearms registration?

If you are a bit more objective like myself and others, this election cycle was like every other, filled with false promises, and assurances to protect you and your absolute rights. Perhaps I am more cynical this year as I happened to be over in Europe for work, and I was touring many of the places that held great atrocities throughout the modern 20th Century.

It is crazy for us here in the USA that while we have some serious stains on our nation of injustices (slavery, the Indian removal act, and Japanese internment camps to name a few), most of those major events occurred up to WWII, whereas many places in Eastern Europe saw these atrocities all the way into the 1990s and 2000s.

While I was traveling, I read the book The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival: The brutal truth about violence, death, and mayhem you must know to Survive, by Selco Begovic. Despite the long title name, Selco lived through the Balkans Civil War and was a firsthand witness to the atrocities that can happen.

There is more to prepper aspects than food and water

Although a lot of the book discusses some prepper aspects such as food and water, one of the big things it talked about was firearms, how the government approached them prior to the conflicts, how important they were, and some recommendations to preserve our absolute rights. The first major takeaway he had was that no right is absolute, it must be something that you defend against because it’s only a right because the government makes it a right. This is a perfect example of what is going on in the United States. In places like California or New York, their representatives have decreed what is acceptable for you to own, whereas places like Texas or Florida have said the right is near absolute (including carrying). This is why we at JM4, encourage you to get a quality holster from us, because if you don’t use the right, there is a much higher chance that you will lose it.

The second major takeaway from the book involved the registration of firearms. One of the things that the government did was make firearms ownership very hard to do, including a ton of justifications and registering the type, quantity, and location of storage for those firearms. When they decided that they were going to push their agenda, the government just came in and demanded them.  So was your 2nd Amendment right truly protected?

While there were some who resisted (and were promptly killed), Selco pointed out that if you are one person with firearms and they bring in 10 or 20 to remove them, you are going to lose that fight. It is no wonder when we see things like this in history often (think both Nazis and Stalin doing similar) that guns were confiscated from those that would be a threat to the state, we are hesitant to have the IRS or police forces from obtaining millions of bullets and military hardware.

The other side effect was that many of the people who had obtained guns illegally (without background checks, or on the black market) were the only ones who were left with firearms for protection/to cause issues and did so without approval. While I am not encouraging anyone to break the law, there are ways to get a firearm that are 100% legal without the registration or NICS depending on your state, and I would encourage you to look at those options.

As I said, I hope that the elections were something that you hoped for and that you voted for the change that you wanted to see. But after seeing the graves of 40,000 people who were killed because of the “government”, I am a bit more skeptical that they always have best interests at heart.

Author: Ian Bolser