Violent Crime on The Rise – Self Protection Has Become Even More Critical

Violent crime is up 5-40%


In an article published in September, the NY Post wrote that violent crime is up for the year, not by a little, but a lot. At the time of writing, it was up by over 10,000 events across the US with the majority of those being robberies, and aggravated assaults. It was also posted that they are not just relegated to the US, with Canada reporting an increase in homicide, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault.

This was corroborated by a Fox News article from May that report that said in major cities such as NYC, LA, Washington DC, and others experiencing anywhere from a 5-40% increase in violent crimes. While one thing to note is the largest increase is predominantly left-leaning/very strict on gun control, it also shows a more disturbing trend across the US that people are willing to get violent quicker, in comparison to the past. This combined with the narrative of “defunding the police”, and the seeming acceptance of riots in major cities, has now become even more critical to protect yourself and who you love.

If you are just starting to see the light and have decided to take self-protection into consideration, I would highly encourage you to read my previous blogs on picking the right weapon. To go with that, one of the biggest things you need to address is how or why you are going to carry. The very first thing I would suggest you look at is whether you carry all the time or just some of the time.

Are you carrying it on your person or in a purse/bag (HIGHLY DISCOURAGE THIS)? So, if you are going to carry on your person (SMART) you need to consider your outfits and start looking for a holster that will go with your current scheme. Let me explain. If you are someone that wears khakis all the time with a belt and polo, you could look at the Relic series holster that we offer as it sits on a belt.

What are you wearing today?  The correct holster can save your life.


If you vary your outfit between pants, some without belt loops, or want to carry while in your sweatpants, you are going to want to look more towards our magnetic holster line such as the Original or Roughneck. While all of our holsters are amazingly well crafted, the magnetic lines offer much greater versatility, which means you are more likely to carry in all outfits, which means the odds of you having protection should something happen, you will be better able to be prepared to meet the threat. The best part is that our holsters are cut to the exact design of your firearm, can be altered to fit for lights or optics, and won’t risk marring your gun like KYDEX or hard plastic holsters can.

We can’t predict when bad things will happen.


We can’t predict when bad things will happen, but we can be as prepared to meet the threat as possible, and that means having the right tools on us at the right time. You can better ensure that you will have the right tool on you if it is held comfortably, and securely, and is versatile to meet whatever event you are dressed for. The bottom line, you would be hard-pressed to find a better holster than one from JM4Tactical.

Author: Ian Bolser