Thoughts On FPC in New Jersey

For the last week, I have been receiving numerous questions about my thoughts regarding
what is going on in the political world of firearms. I have been observing the
dynamic in the political spectrum, studying the probabilities of a state
becoming more “2A” friendly, watching organizations begin to introduce lawsuits
on a Federal level to overturn draconian laws placed on a state’s citizens.
There is always something going on in the country. My thoughts on the subject
are constantly circulating within my mind. Specifically, I was asked about the
cases brought up by the Firearms Policy Coalition and their ability to combat
draconian laws that plague the country’s people.

The Second Amendment has a lot of enemies that voice their opinions against it. Many
States have citizens and politicians who believe in abolishing and flat-out
desecration of the Second Amendment; therefore, the Constitution that we as
Americans hold dear to us and are guaranteed by specific rights. I have looked
into what the FPC ( Firearms Policy Coalition) has been going through lately in
terms of fighting for the people’s rights, and there are plenty of lawsuits
that they are involved in during March alone. One situation has caught my
attention due to it involving my home state of New Jersey.

In a Press Release Statement from the FPC: “Under New Jersey
law, it is a crime for a law-abiding individual to obtain a rifle or shotgun
without first obtaining a Firearms Purchaser Identification (“FID”) Card or
handgun without a Permit To Purchase a Handgun (“Handgun Purchase Permit”)—and
must obtain a new one for every purchase. Both processes involve complicated
applications and multiple fees. And approval frequently takes far longer than
New Jersey law allows. The State’s regulatory scheme imposes a complex, costly,
and time-consuming process riddled with delays and road blocks before an
individual can even obtain the permit necessary to acquire a firearm to begin
exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

Looking into what the Firearms Policy Coalition is doing regarding the State of New
Jersey, I have found that they have begun to fight alongside a few individuals
prominent within the State, whether it is Firearms Rights Organizations or
local gun shops. The main issue is the need for individuals to have to “purchase
a firearms identification card, paying a fee and obtaining Government
Permission,” to purchase a firearm from a dealer legally. As a resident of the
State, I know first hand what it is like to have to jump through the ring of
fire to buy a firearm in the State; the initial permit application that has to
go through multiple law enforcement agencies along with initial background
checks and separate applications for pistols. This was already something that
was a significant issue within the State for law-abiding citizens.

This is something that will not be overturned overnight. This is clear when it comes
to combating New Jersey in the court system. There have been plenty of court
cases in the past that ended in favor of the State. So when I am asked how I
feel about this, I will say that I have more optimism than ever before. More
States each day are making firearm laws more beneficial to owners, and we are
winning against the Government and agencies in court who have put in place
draconian laws that would hinder the ownership of firearms.

Author : Nicholas Torres