Constitutional Carry in Texas?

The State of Texas, over the years, has become synonymous with freedom. Now Texas is further going in the direction of a Pro-Second Amendment stance within the country. Introduced to the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee are a few bills that would become more beneficial to gun owners across the State.

The Bill that is creating a stir in the House in favor of those that exercise their Right to Bear Arms is Bill 1911. The creation and implementation of the Bill, if passed, would allow for Texas to follow other States around the country concerning Constitutional Carry. I have been covering pro-gun Bills for the last few months, a multitude of States progressing towards Constitutional Carry, allowing firearm owners to carry a firearm without going through a lengthy process that would mean more revenue dollars from gun owners.

Bill 1911 would allow for individuals in the State of Texas to have the ability to “openly carry” a firearm without obtaining a permit to do so, “for those over the age of 21 and over the age of 18 if they are currently serving in the United States Military.” I find this to be an advancement in the cause for freedom for all Americans within the United States. Many states are fighting back to preserve the Second Amendment and expand on exercising the Right to Bear Arms. Through unconstitutional and draconian laws that have been passed on both State and Federal levels, we have seen the push back starting to occur to benefit those who are law-abiding citizens and combat the laws that punish them.

●In Texas, carrying a firearm openly in public is restricted unless the individual has a permit to carry a gun.

●According to the Houston Police Department, an individual is allowed to carry a firearm openly or concealed without a permit on “private property”.

Across the Nation, we have seen states ramp up their stance on Pro-Second Amendment legislation. For many States, Constitutional Carry has become the cornerstone of the fight to save the Second Amendment. States taking up the fight against the politicians who want to decimate the Second and many other Amendments that Americans are entitled to have become more of a saving grace to Americans than ever before. I believe now with Texas stepping up to bat will add more fuel to the ever-growing fire of American Freedom.

I will continue to monitor for any change in the Bill’s progress and continue to monitor any other State that begins to follow in the footsteps of predecessors.

Author: Nicholas Torres