Arkansas Protecting Your Rights

A lot of States within the country have decided to take the stance against the unjust and unconstitutional laws that the Federal Government has begun to take a stance on. Arkansas is no stranger to going toe to toe against these draconian laws. I have been saying that the precedent that the States in the beginning have set for the rest of the country would set things into motion to protect firearms owners around the country in the months to come. Every day when I have turned on the news or looked up something in terms of firearms laws, there has been a new State making progress in legislation. The ability to put into motion even at the beginning stages of the political process is extremely important in the fight for preservation and protection of the Second Amendment.

Two bills have made their way through the “Republican- held State Committee,” that would provide security to those who own firearms within the State. The first bill that had caught my attention is Senate Bill 298. This is something that I find to be truly beneficial to the individuals of the State. The Bill states that , “ It would prohibit any law enforcement in the State from cooperating with federal authorities to enforce federal gun regulations or any other federal law that “infringes “ on the rights under the Arkansas Constitution. Police in the State would be subject to criminal penalties and fines for working with federal authorities in violation of the proposed state law.” I find this law to be extremely interesting when it comes to the details that have been used to sum up the bill. Law enforcement officers providing a sense of protection to the citizens of Arkansas provides individuals with a form of protection and relief knowing that the State has its officials there to protect their Constitutional Rights along with their general well-being. Stemming off of this thought, the next thing that I find interesting is how Arkansas plans to react to those law-enforcement officials who do decide to work Federal officials and the
regulations that they are trying to pass. Making law-enforcement accountable for enforcing draconian laws that the Federal Politicians want to pass is extremely important in order to maintain a free and legal society.

The next bill that is making its way alongside Senate Bill 298, is Senate Bill 59. Now when it comes to this bill, I find that this is heading into the right direction and is following the direction of States such as Alabama and Missouri. Senate Bill 59, “would declare that certain firearms manufactured, sold and kept within the State of Arkansas would not be subject to federal regulation.” However this would exclude items such as , “ machine guns, black powder weapons or guns that need to be handled by at least two people.” This Bill is something that I find to be extremely important for everyone not only in the State of Arkansas, but for everyone around the country (if their State makes that step towards protecting its citizens and the Second Amendment). Let’s face it, when it comes to many firearms that the Federal Government wants to ban, there are more than just a hundred in circulation; the number reaches well into the millions; shows the American people that this is a fine example of governmental tyranny.

The ability for States to protect their citizens is absolutely crucial in this time in history. With the stroke of a pen, law-abiding citizens will become criminals without hesitation on a federal level. I believe that now it is up to the States in order to provide the protection that we need in order to maintain the freedom that we are guaranteed as Americans through the United States Constitution. I will be sure to provide updates as time progresses and more information is made available to
the public.

Author: Nicholas Torres