Tennessee Constitutional Carry

A major win to the preservation and expansion of the rights of firearm’s owners passed the Tennessee General Assembly on May 29th. Now if you remember, I have written about the possibility of “Constitutional Carry” being on the table in Tennessee had brought about mixed emotions from both sides of the political spectrum. Many individuals believed that this would be beneficial to the freedoms of the people, while others believed that this would be detrimental for the State. Constitutional Carry for many States.

Tennessee has now passed the bill in the House of Reps with a vote of “64-29.” This would allow for individuals starting on, “July 1, for people 21 and over to carry both open and concealed, and for military members ages 18-20.” This law will not apply to long guns. Following this, a statement from the House Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland), “This bill is not the end of the journey,” and “This is a massive step forward for freedom.” I find this to be exactly what we need as a country in order to preserve the Constitution.

There is an inevitability that we as Americans know when it comes to firearms laws and regulations. Firearms have always been the cause for debate and have been targeted by groups and politicians for many years now. The ability to enforce insane regulations that would make law abiding citizens criminals and flat out ban firearms has always been the goal. States such as Tennessee passing such laws furthering the progression of freedom is the answer to combating the coming storm that is tyranny. Linked in the bottom is the full article that gives more information on the bill.


Author : Nicholas Torres