Magnetic VS. KYDEX Holsters

Magnetic VS. KYDEX Holsters – Recently I was fortunate enough to get a new handgun, a full size Glock, which was something I was eyeing for a very long time. The gun I picked up came with a custom KYDEX holster that was custom made for inside the waistband (IWB), that was a pretty good fit, however it wasn’t perfect. So I did a head to head comparison with the Magnetic Holster from JM4 Tactical, and here is how they stacked up.


Both holsters fit well, with the KYDEX being backed by leather, but a thin strap of KYDEX on the front, versus the XL-3 Original Holster which covered the entire slide, and up through the back of the handle. This is unique as it provides a snug fit, as well as the magnet also helps…but I will cover that later. The other major things that I noticed is that the Original fit well with clothing, especially alternative wear, such as pants without a belt. Compared to the KYDEX holster I had which needed a belt, the magnetic holster doesn’t require one at all…. meaning I could carry in sweats, gym shorts, pants with/without a belt, which is so much more versatile. It also helps as now I can carry my full size firearm that I train with regardless of my outfit, and I can carry it where I train the most while drawing from consistency is key when practicing.

Another subset of fit is how well does a holster retain the firearm….you know the whole reason to get a holster in the first place. This was a hands down winner to the JM4 Original Style Holster. As I said above, the holster covers the whole slide, similar to a glove. Compared to the KYDEX which grips only at a few points, it was a lot more snug. Where the Original really shines is the magnetic retention. I saw the videos from Chad, the CEO for JM4, showing the retention so I figured I would try that same thing, and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow it worked, with considerable force multiple times. The KYDEX, yeah, it spilled out immediately, with minimal to no retention at all. Not good if you are carrying and you go tail over teakettle in an altercation, while hunting, or in my area slipping on ice.

Another side benefit of the holster is the ability to rapidly remove and place in a vehicle to make it easier to access, and then put back on the belt afterwards. This is something that my other holster flat out couldn’t do at all, relegating me to put it in the center console or the glove box, not a place where I could readily access it.

I have been shooting for almost 20 years ..

and been carrying a firearm for over 15 and this is hands down the best holster I have used thus
far. I will be updating this with a several month reviews discussing wearing it daily, any wear and tear on the holster itself, and any other important finds I have in the future.

Author: Ian Bolser