Anti-2A Conversations

Anti-2A Conversations

Anti-2A Conversations – How to reach your liberal friends:

I was at a party a few months back, and my kiddos were running around and playing. One of them ran into me and yelled out ouch, not remembering that I carry a gun everywhere, because bad things can happen anywhere. The host of the party, who is of somewhat familial relations, looked almost in terror because he saw everything and was in shock that I would carry to their party. What followed was a discussion that you can have with your family or friends and be an ambassador for the “armed and polite society”.


“Why do you need a gun here/at work/school/the store/at all”

This is the first question I usually get, and its typically followed up about the safety of the place, questions on my manhood, or other variations. First off, not worried about my manhood, so let’s set that straight. Second is I always answer if they have a first aid kit (most don’t), a fire extinguisher in their kitchen (even more rare) or know how to change a tire (rarest of all). The point to discuss is that you are sure that the place/event/venue is most likely safe, and that you don’t think anything is going to happen, but just like those above items you want to be prepared if they do. You can recount many places or times that people went into a movie theatre, a restaurant or a dark alleyway and didn’t go there looking for bad things to happen, but they found them. I carry not for me, but to protect my wife and kids if they are with me.


“You just want to kill people/guns kill people”

This bit of ignorance was from a very staunch anti-2nd amendment spouting that guns kill people. A gun is a tool, like a hammer, a car, a baseball bat, or a knife. All have the capacity to end human life, and the those mentioned above kill a LOT of people every year. Personally, my favorite argument is technically fast food kills more people through cancer and heart disease every year, why are you not boycotting them…this is about the time that the overweight challenger storms off after yelling obscenities. Bottom line is I reiterate I am trying to protect my family and myself. I don’t know if there is going to be one person or three, if they are armed or if they are on drugs. It is an insurance policy to even the odds.


“Just call the police if there is an issue”

As I wrote in another blog, I had an incident with a person who was drunk and firing a weapon on the side of the road, at night, and he was aiming over my house. Based off the current events at the time, I didn’t want to engage though I could have legally because I didn’t need my face plastered in the news. I called the police, and they heard the shots. It still took them 7 minutes to get there. They came in force, as did my neighbors who showed up armed (love country friends) and he was apprehended. Seven minutes was plenty of time for him to assault my house, pose a threat to my pregnant wife, kids, brother, and myself, and cause significant damage. Also, you may not be in a spot to call for help (like they are robbing you of your phone, or you are out of cell service).

The biggest thing you can do to change an anti-2A persons mind isn’t words, it is to take them to the range, or sit and have a conversation with them. Many of them are scared of the weapons themselves, but they haven’t had that person to teach them. To empower them to protect themselves instead of being a victim. I would encourage all of you to have that debate and to be the change we need, not just talk about it.


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Author: Ian Bolser

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