Backpack Body Armor

Backpack Body Armor

Backpack Body Armor – Unfortunately, we as a nation have some problems, and unfortunately there are many of them. One of the biggest in my opinion is the ever increasing need to protect yourself especially in locations that one used to be considered safe. More often than not, offices, schools, restaurants and venues are increasingly forbidding the carrying of self-defense capabilities such as firearms. While I think that is asinine and I have made the case for carrying anyway in my previous blogs, sometimes as I mentioned it is just not possible or practical. So, what can you do to increase your odds of survival should a shooting event occur in one of these “gun free zones”. One option is concealed armor.

I have been using all around body armor for over 12 years, with most of that being with the military. Most armor is bulky and is not concealable, therefore everyone knows what you have and unfortunately where to shoot. This is where I think something like the backpack armor may have a role especially in a non-permissive environment. When wearing armor, unless it is very thin, it is bulky and people can pick it out instantly, especially co-workers. This may create tension or unease, which is why a backpack which can conceal plates of your choosing is such a unique idea.

It takes a seemingly mundane back and coverts it into a pseudo plate carrier/vest that will protect your vital organs from risk should there be an issue. Second is that many of these are dual use, with the capability of carrying your normal laptop, work stuffs or schoolbooks, with separate pockets to conceal that capability.

Now if you are more concerned with having a gun with you, and you want it to be near but not on your hip at all hours, you could easily pair it with a magnetic holster like the Roughneck, which are incredibly versatile and keep your pistol out of the way. I think the concept really comes into its own as a get home bag or GHB. These are bags that you can stock with items, clothes, food etc. I think that this particular setup really does give some versatility and could be very beneficial if you are caught in one of those “peaceful riots” we have seen in years as of late. Ones like the Tactical One armored backpack has an NIJ Rating of III A which is rated to 357SIG or 44 Magnum, both of which are much more powerful that what you are likely to face in most cities or suburban locations.


Is it the best option?

That is for you to decide. From a clandestine perspective, in a situation where you have time to react and put it on, I think it is, especially if you can’t wear body armor all the time. This is an option for youngsters as well in school, but personally if your school doesn’t have roving armed security, why would you send them there in the first place? All in all, these definitely have a role in your self defense plan, and nicely augment a get home capability where wearing a vest just isn’t practical.


Author: Ian Bolser

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