Leatherback Gear Review

Let’s face it;

there is a chance of active shooters, no matter where you are. There are plenty of instances that there was an active shooter, and there were people who were either injured or killed due to wounds inflicted on innocent individuals. The shooter/bad guy will always be addressed and taken down, but before the good guy can reach the shooter and address the situation, people are in the line of sight of the shooter. Some individuals choose not to carry a firearm, and more than likely, law enforcement is not located close to the area. So, what do we do to prevent the casualty rate from climbing exponentially? What do we do to protect our family? Friends? Children? Ourselves? We take the initiative and become proactive.

LeatherBack-Gear has caught my attention and brings about a way to preserve life in this day and age when individuals attack the innocent. For myself, police officers, military, etc., we have all used and trained with body armor. This was an instrumental line of defense when facing the inevitable dangers of someone with a firearm willing to inflict harm upon us. With individuals now in public areas such as parks, malls, stores, etc., we cannot just have families walking around with plate carriers. This is where LeatherBack comes into play to provide a sense of security for anyone that wishes to have that added layer of protection in a time of crisis.

So, diving into the products that they have available shows us that they provide armored backpacks for individuals to
purchase. Coming in multiple designs that the consumer can choose from, you can choose from a more tactical design to a sportier look and even designs for younger individuals that are made available for purchase. What I want to dive into, though, is the capabilities of the Tactical One pack that they offer—looking into the pack, we see that on the outside, it provides for MOLLE attachments and the detachable tourniquets. I constantly advocate for individuals to learn to use and carry tourniquets on them no matter where they are. If you are taking a pack yourself, on your kit, or in your car, having one is truly beneficial to anyone. I give high marks to the manufacturer for having these made available for the pack.

The pack does come with a “300 lb. Reinforced Drag Handle.” In a situation where an active shooter and the individual wearing the bag go down for any reason, this allows for emergency personnel or anyone within the area to grab hold of the wounded and get them to a safer location to proceed with first aid. Following this, the pack offers other features for
everyday use that I find helpful, such as laptop storage that can hold a laptop up to 17”, an anti-theft RFID pocket, organization storage pockets, and a sunglass pocket. All of these can be used for more personal item storage or even storage for medical supplies if your lifestyle/line of work demands something more practical to be on your person at all times.

When it comes to the pack’s functionality, I believe that this is something that proves to be a significant advancement in terms of safety. One zipper separates the front and the back from one another to fit on either side of the individual. Soft body armor can be slipped in the front and back, allowing for the protection of vital organs within the body. Overall, this piece of gear that is on the market for protection deserves a lot of praise. The company has taken into account that safety is a top priority and given individuals the ability to protect themselves while still maintaining a normalized lifestyle with the designs of the product.


Author: Nicholas Torres