Why You Need A GOOD Holster

When we get the money for a new firearm, we are quick to get
many things. First might be ammunition, to practice with it (if we can find
it), then a myriad of “cool” gadgets from lights, lasers, optics, different
sights…but we tend to neglect how we intend on carrying that handgun. There are
several reasons why I think a good quality holster is the most crucial
consideration. Still, the three main ones are daily carry, retention if in an
altercation, and positive weapons control.

The first one may sound obvious, but how many people carry
daily? Do you drive with it in their preferred carry location, and if not,
where do you put it? In the center console? Is it concealed or open carry? On a
more practical note, if you are using your gun like many people in the woods,
do you have the ability to engage the weapon easily, or do you put it in your
bag as a just in case? A holster, especially a good one, gives you an option to
have the weapon easily within reach for any situation that a gun owner might
face. Also, it allows for the unrestricted use of a firearm owner’s hands.

The second reason is the retention of your firearm if in an
altercation. I am using the term altercation liberally, applying it to both with
another person/animal or in a situation that would result in you not being on a
stable platform. To address threats from humans and animals, studies show most
altercations result in at least one or both parties being on the ground. In
that situation, knowing your sidearm is secure and not either out of reach or
within reach of your adversary is crucial. How many movies have you seen where
the protagonist is just inches away from their knife/gun when it would have
provided them an advantage and stopped the threat? The second situation would
be akin to hunting and losing your footing down a steep slope, falling in a
stream, rolling an ATV, or anything that might prevent you from getting to
safety quickly. If your sidearm is in a bag, it does you no good if it is way
on top of the hill you fell from or somewhere in the river.

Finally, is positive weapon control. Maybe it is
the 12 years in the military or seeing people lose a weapon in the bush, but I
want to know where my firearm is at all times. If I am shooting at a range and
I need to step back, I want that weapon on me, as I am ultimately responsible
for everything that happens with it. The minute you set that firearm down and
look away, you no longer have positive control of your gun. Additionally, it is
far more challenging to have a gun walk away by negligence or theft if it is on
your person. A good holster gives you that positive control and peace of mind
that it is secured.

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Author: Ian Bolser