Do You Vary Your Carry?

Should you Vary Your Carry – I am a big fan of keeping things simple. If you have ever heard of KISS….Keep it Simple Stupid… means don’t overcomplicate things by changing too many things at the same time. This could be anything from trying to do too many projects simultaneously, to having too many keys for different locks and now you can’t remember what goes to what. This can also apply to you carrying concealed.

I live in a southern state now, however, I have been all over courtesy of Uncle Sam. Some of those locations were hot, and dry, others with brutal winters, and now currently with disgusting amounts of humidity. Each of these locations varied greatly on what I could wear and get away with for most of the year, with some being primarily in gym shorts and a t-shirt, whereas when I was in the Midwest that summer lasted for about 3 months before it was cold again therefore pants and shirt were required most of the year. This led me to try a ton of different options for carrying a handgun, because if I am wearing pants, I can hide a significantly larger handgun than I could wearing gym shorts. This created an issue because it leads to me switching between firearms, which could be from a full-size 1911 in winter to a sub-compact Glock in summer.

While they have similar fundamentals, they have different grips, different safeties (none in the case of the Glock), and different triggers. To me, this is something that can be refined by getting a platform that you can use all the time. I have decided that Glock is my go-to based on reliability, capacity for the caliber I am using, and that it is consistent. One could argue that it is consistently bad (not great trigger, not great ergonomics, but it works), but it makes the most sense for me and my budget.

Now for carrying in all those areas, I went with the Original Holster from JM4 for three reasons. First is that it is a deep carry/concealed holster which allows me to carry regardless of clothing choice. On that same line, I can use that same holster in any clothes I am in as it doesn’t require a belt to use. That is huge as while I might be relegated to carrying a pocket pistol in gym shorts, I can now carry a larger framed handgun as long as my pant drawstrings are tight.

Finally, that holster is smooth and comfortable and has not rubbed the finish off my gun or put holes in my pants, something that previous KYDEX holsters have done in the past. Additionally, I use the same holster now for all of those environments so it saves me a ton of money so I don’t have to switch. The ONLY time now I am not using that holster is when I switch to my chest rig for outside the clothing carrying for hunting because I might need to keep that a bit more ready, especially if I am hunting predators and only carrying my bow.

So KISS, get a great holster, and don’t vary your carry

Author: Ian Bolser