Should we all just go unarmed?

You know, I have been thinking about a lot of things lately…. maybe we all should go unarmed and turn in our firearms. With all the violence out there, am I sure that I can handle myself appropriately to defend my family or will I be a liability to others?

While some of you could view this as satire, it is an interesting thought experiment that might get you to really analyze how prepared you are should you need to defend yourself or others. These past few weeks, I have been looking internally as like many of you, looking out is depressing. With increasing inflation, a massive rift being exploited by the left and right which is almost encouraging violence to push their means, food uncertainty, and the drumbeats of war constantly on the horizon, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed. So, I have been looking at myself and seeing, if am I really that capable of defending myself, my family, or others should the need arise.

While it may be an easy answer to some of you, with a “hell yes I am”, I would ask how many of you have been to the range in the past three months? How many of you practice dryfire on a daily or weekly basis to make sure you’re good to go? Do you carry your gun on you EVERY time you go out or just some of the time? Do you have good reliable gear like a solid holster like the JM4 Tactical Original Holster and a good optic or light on your carry gun or do you have to take it off for your sub-par Kydex holster? When was the last time you broke down your carry gun and cleaned all the parts and checked the magazines for function while rotating out the ammo (I am guilty of failing on the last two)? What happens if you are disarmed or how do you gain distance if someone draws on you first….do you know how or what to do?

I realized I had some serious gaps in my planning because when I close my eyes, I think that if something bad is going to happen it will be in daylight (while I am out and about) or at night at 2 am. What about when I start the car for work? If I am planning on a low or no light situation, but I am using my daily carry pistol, do I have a light on it, and if so, do you have a holster that allows you to carry it as my Original does, or do you have to take it off to carry it daily? I also realized that if someone beats me to the draw, or catches me unaware, I don’t know how to attack/defend/disarm them, so I enrolled my whole family in a martial arts program that focuses on Krav Maga because they need the skills too. Just food for thought.

Without the proper mindset, proper equipment, and proper training, you might be armed but are likely unarmed when compared to someone who has taken the time. Remember, we don’t get to choose the time and place of an altercation, so we need to be prepared and ready to come whatever may.

Author: Ian Bolser