Why You Should “Hate” Glock

I said it. You should absolutely hate Glock. Let’s be realistic, what is there to like about the pistol? It looks like a block, it hasn’t changed in years, its triggers are atrocious, it has horrible sights, and it wasn’t until recently that they started making from factory cutouts for optics. So why on earth would anyone want one of these Tupperware firearms?

Why on earth would you want what is arguably one of the most reliable firearm platforms for a handgun? I mean, I have shot this pistol in all sorts of terrible conditions from high heat and dust to rain, to below-freezing temperatures, and yet it still goes bang. Every time. Especially in a carry gun, who would want a gun that is that reliable if it’s not that cool to look at or show to your buddies at the range? Why on earth would you want to have a Glock when you could carry your single-stack Kimber or Colt that has fewer rounds but is so much cooler to look at? I mean, don’t the looks of the gun add to the effectiveness of the round and the firearm?

I guess too that they have some ok qualities, like the magazines are ultra-reliable from the factory and if you get say a Glock 19 in 9mm the mags for the Glock 17 will fit and function in it, so there is that. Also, there are a ton of aftermarket magazines that are by and large pretty reliable, even the ridiculous extended mags that hold 50-plus rounds.

True as well that there are a ton of aftermarket parts and accessories for the Glock style firearm with everything from lights to triggers, to better sights, if you want it and want it custom you can find it. That said it would be great if you didn’t need to spend $200 on a new Zev trigger from the get-go to get a crisp trigger, but then again when a Glock costs less than some of its nearest competitors, I suppose it’s not as big a deal to upgrade a trigger for a more reliable platform.

Also, their compacts and sub-compacts carry incredibly well, especially in Original or RELIC holsters. I might have carried one for a long time that way and based on the rounded edges of the Glock and the holster it was arguably the most comfortable to conceal carry.

If you couldn’t tell by the language this is mostly satire. While some of the complaints about the platform are completely valid, such as the terrible sights and triggers, as well as it isn’t as customizable as other competitors like Sigs, Canik, or other models. There are a ton of aftermarket parts so customize them, but with customization, you can have some decrease in reliability, and it takes a modestly priced gun and can raise it into the custom gun price range very quickly. While I personally carry a Sig Sauer most days for CHL, when I go to the woods, I usually have my Glock both for the caliber (10mm) and the reliability as I have never had a failure to feed or eject with any of my Glock platforms regardless of ammo choice.

What is your thoughts on Glock? Do you carry one and if so, which holster do you use? Have you done any upgrades?

Author: Ian Bolser