Top 5 Reasons to Conceal Carry

Top 5 Reasons to Conceal Carry:


1. You need to protect yourself

We have seen in several high-profile shootings where the good guy with the gun was triumphant over the bad guy with the gun. From Indiana to Illinois, or to the CA store owner who “shot the arm off” a would-be-armed robber, these patriotic Americans were able to protect themselves and their livelihood instantly, versus letting the action happen and then waiting for help. When the seconds count, help is only a few minutes away, and for those who have never been in that situation, each second is like an eternity.

  1. You are exercising your freedoms

One of the best things I have ever heard is that if you don’t exercise your freedoms, you will lose them. In the figurative sense it is demonstrated that because there are 300 million guns in America, the 2nd Amendment is less likely to go away. In the literal sense, the more permits issued, the more people want to carry, and carrying means fewer politicians can erode those rights because they know there is a large support base. Every time there is a CHL (LTC) carrier that drops a would-be bad guy, it is another blow against the argument that it is not needed in our society. Eventually, if there are enough concealed carriers, criminals will not be able to tell who an easy target is and who to pass on.

  1. You become more self-reliable

It’s odd, but when you decide that you should be taking your own protection in your hands versus relying on a rent-a-cop at a mall, or that the police will protect you, you start becoming more reliant in other areas. I know when I started carrying a decade ago, I was pretty much reliant on everything else, from food to extra income, and medical…. basically, I hoped like most Americans that it would all work out. Since carrying, I have sought out additional training in first aid (if I get hurt or my family does, an ambulance may be too late), started hunting to provide for my family (can’t complain about the price of beef if you are not eating it and have a large freezer full), and started finding extra avenues to make me more self-reliant. It may seem like a stretch, but personal accountability grows from little actions.

  1. You look at the world differently

Before I started caring about defending myself, I traveled all over the world in some shady places, and now I look back and I am thankful I wasn’t in more trouble. I start evaluating if I should go to a particular place at night, or if it’s a bar and I can’t carry….I just don’t go. Might sound paranoid, but the responsibility you have makes you reconsider what could be poor choices because the risk of jail time for violating the law, hurting someone unjustly, or getting killed makes you really re-evaluate what you are doing and the risks. I haven’t been to a mall or a movie theatre in years, both due to high-profile events, and I would argue that I am better for it.

  1. You can protect others

While it goes in with protecting yourself, it gives you a way to intervene and potentially save someone else. We have all seen, experienced, or heard of the dude who beats on the weaker victim, be it a nerd or his girlfriend, and have walked away because “what can we do”? There is little that my mother can do to interject with a 25-year-old 6ft 8in behemoth wailing away on someone else, but now she could intervene, and potentially stop a life-threatening situation. Before if something happened to me, no big deal I am resilient and I heal pretty quickly. But what if my family was at risk from the same guy, I have to protect them, or others, and that is really where I think concealed carry shines, its ability to protect others in the community. NYC has 18.8 million people, and 55,000 police, which means approximately 340 people per officer if all were on duty 24 hours a day. Do the math in your area and realize you can and should be able to step in when help is not on the way.

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Author: Ian Bolser