Targeting The Ammo

Targeting the ammo – It should be obvious by now that there is a very large push to pass gun legislation by the left. One of the reasons is the several high-profile shootings in both Uvalde and Buffalo, which is typical after a tragedy. The second reason I would argue is that it makes Republicans (note I am not a fan of either side, just stating political parties) less electable in the mid-terms. This is important because as it sits right now, running off current liberal policies and control of the House, Senate, and Executive Office, their track record of record-high inflation, gas prices, and foreign and domestic policy all read like a playbook to losing the mid-terms. That said, there are even more insidious operations that are currently taking place that could be tied to the government in general and in this case the Department of Defense.

In a YouTube video, seen here, Glenn Beck talks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) about communications they have had with both Winchester and members of Congress about the Department of the Army asking Winchester to stop selling its excess ammunition to the public, specifically from the Lake City Ammo Plant. For those of you who don’t know, every few years, a different manufacturer gets the contract to operate the Lake City Plant, which manufactures the majority of small arms ammunition for the United States government, and in exchange that manufacturer can sell the excess not contracted by the government to the public to fund expansion and provide profit for the rounds. This is done for several reasons, but the main one is that it allows for the capacity and capability of the plant to rapidly expand the output for wartime needs. If the civilian sales are dropped, it is 30-40% of production capability is taken away, and takes time to rebuild, valuable time if in wartime.

This is something I have worried about for a long time, starting back in 2012 when the first major ammo crunches started taking place after then-President Obama promised gun control. Since then, magnified by the pandemic, constant threats of gun control, banning the importation of ammunition from various countries, and primer and powder shortages, it is seeming more and more likely that the best way to destroy gun ownership is to make them paperweights. With fewer and fewer people reloading, and all components of that practice becoming more expensive, if the Lake City Ammo plant was prevented from selling to the commercial market, you could expect 223/5.56 ammo as high as $2-4 a round. Who could afford to shoot often then?

I do want to point out that I am no fan of the NSSF after I helped to break the news of them supporting Red Flag Laws as I wrote about here, and I can’t confirm this isn’t a ploy to get us to forget about their questionable steadfastness. From the sounds of it, Winchester blew them off and stated that it was a violation of their contract, but I would expect that the next contract to be amended in a way that addresses this “request”.

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Author: Ian Bolser