Why Are We So Passionate About Holsters?

Why Are We So Passionate About Holsters?

It may seem that I work in holsters into a lot of these blogs, and that should come with several reasons. First, we make a quality product, and we are incredibly proud and feel it will beat anyone else on the market. Second is that, aside from a functioning firearm, the holster in our opinion is the second most important for several reasons.

Take this video for example:

Though the clip was brief, you can definitely see that the older gentleman was struggling to draw his firearm. Which is the last thing anyone wants to experience in the middle of self-defense situation. With that being said, there are a few things I liked to touch base about.

First is that the carrier is not carrying concealed. Due to a few deployments and some training I have a tendency to look immediately towards hands and hips when I see someone, looking for a weapon, and he is advertising to everyone that he has that capability. This is dumb in my opinion because now the attacker has the advantage because he knows what you have and where it is located, something you can’t know in return. I understand why you might do outside the waistband especially comfort, but an original or roughneck holster we sell here will still be comfortable and a LOT harder to detect.

Second is that the property owner has unknown people on his property, and he has his draw hand occupied with a watering hose. It drives my wife nuts, but when I get that feeling, I tend to stop holding her hand, or switch to my non-dominant hand to hold hers, usually the former so I can draw my shirt up and get good grip on my handgun. To his credit, he does turn, likely unknowingly, to keep his handgun out of arms reach.

After the assailant is reaching for stuff in his pocket, the homeowner attempts to draw his pistol and get it into the fight….but is painfully slow as he now has to drop the hose, and draw. First, a blast of cold water could have easily given time and space. As he draws, you can see the homeowner is trying to keep his pants/holster on while drawing but the holster comes with, likely because it was snagged. This happens with crappy holsters as the title articulates, but I would guess the homeowner has had this happen before. Now while the firearm had the intended effect of persuading the criminal to flee, the fact is he never cleared the holster and it is now preventing him from employing his firearm. This could have been a disaster, but thankfully, they criminals chose flight instead of fight.

So, what does that mean for you?

Buy a quality holster from us, and if you are unsure on what you need, give us a call or an email and we will get you the custom holster you need so you don’t end up like this gentlemen did.

Author: Ian Bolser