Rough Times Require Tough People

It is no surprise to
anyone watching the news these days that the world is a crazy place. From
highway hijackings in broad daylight, potential food shortages, and protests
that erupt out of nowhere, life is a little less simple than 20 years ago. So,
what can we do to protect ourselves and our families? The first and most
important in my mind is to be able to self-secure, and for me, part of that
involves carrying a firearm. That said, it is not just that simple, and there
are things you need to consider before you strap the iron to your hip.

Absolutely the first thing you need to check is your
mindset. Carrying a gun is not Gucci, cool, or hip. It is a serious
responsibility that can’t be taken lightly. If your gun is taken away, people
can die. You can go to jail if you are printing (where people can see your gun
through your shirt). If you draw and shoot the bad guy, you could be sued. If
you hit a bystander, you could go to jail. To protect yourself, you need to know the gravity of your decision to carry.

Second, you need to be prepared to shoot to kill. Some
people talk about a great fight, but they freeze or draw and never get a shot
off when it comes to it. While some of this is training-based, the bottom line
is if you need to draw it, you need to be prepared to take someone’s life,
which I can tell you from experience overseas, is not an easy burden, and many
people handle it differently.

Third, you need to have the mindset to get the best gear to
train with and do so often. Too often, people spend their whole money roll on
their guns but forget to get quality ammo, holster, and training. For the first
category, I have another article that talks about how I would allocate ammo,
but to summarize, get as much as you can and train with 75% of it. The second
should be a no-brainer; get a good holster from the start here at JM4 Tactical,
like the Original or roughneck holsters, which I have found to be the best ones
I have tried in my 15 years of carrying a handgun. Finally, spend good money on
training and even if you live in a Constitutional carry state, get the license
and the training because it will only make you better.

Finally, don’t go looking for a fight. The best way to end a fight is to not
get into one. Just because you have a gun on your hip doesn’t mean you can be
an asshole and instigate a fight so you can draw your gun. That is
irresponsible, and you will likely go to jail and ruin it for the rest of the
concealed carriers like me.

Author: Ian Bolser

Take care and be vigilant