Women and Concealed Carry

Women and Concealed Carry – I read a statistic that many of the concealed carriers in the US are middle-aged men, which seemed perplexing to me. I say that because, first off, I want everyone to carry, but second, I would think that women would be a more significant percentage due to the self-defense aspect and firearms being a great equalizer. So, I asked my wife, military friends, and any female I could find why they don’t carry, and here are some of the answers I got.


Many women I talked to stressed that they knew they were smaller and that a firearm might be good for protection, but they were inexperienced or unfamiliar with where to start. I would compare this to a guy going into a gym with all free weights and many ripped dudes pounding serious irons.

As I have had that situation, I know that it’s very intimidating to ask for help or where to start. Compound that with many of the guys I have seen at the range helping to give some instruction tend to show off or have “man’s calibers like 44 mags, 45 ACP or 357 magnums” as starter guns.

While I don’t think that it is done out of machismo, I believe it is incredibly stupid to hand a small hand cannon that a 6’2″ 215lb guy can absorb the recoil, and his 5’0110lb wife is expected to do the same. Gents, be smart. If your lady, daughter, or friend is expressing interest, start them on something small and build up to larger calibers.

If you don’t own one, rent one because you want it to be fun and empowering, not defeating.

Holsters don’t fit clothing

Most yoga pants, jeggings, or dresses are limited in their belt and pocket-carrying capacities. That said, with great holsters like the Original and Roughneck and other options at JM4 Tactical, that excuse can be minimized to conceal in any clothing, including those mentioned above. While I do not recommend it, you could use them in a purse as well, and they are great for use in a vehicle, as shown on

Not aggressive/do not want to hurt anyone

Most men tend to be more aggressive and, therefore, more prone to violence. Several women I talked to said they wouldn’t want to do harm if someone was stealing from them. However, the mothers in the group all stated they would go “full mama bear” if their kids’ lives were in danger.

I think it is important to remember that you have no idea what the intention of the assailant is. It could be petty theft or could be rape or murder. You can’t assume that every person will only want your purse, so better be prepared to go to that level than to realize you misjudged and now are too late.

Prepare for the worst

While we would like to assume that the world is better than it is, unfortunately, you need to prepare for the worst that way; you are ready to come whatever may. That means the right mindset, proper gear, and being ready to fight because your life and those of your family may depend on it.

Author: Ian Bolser

Stay safe and stay vigilant.