Nebraska: 2A Sanctuary State

The movement for the protection of the Second
Amendment is definitely picking up steam when it comes to the different states
across the country. We have seen plenty of government officials who will work
tirelessly to dismantle our God-given Right to Bear Arms. Countering this, we
have seen the states begin to take control of the situation and provide a sense
of security for their citizens. There have been plenty of courses of action
that state officials have taken up. They have provided the citizens’ ability to
Constitutional Carry, expanding on already proactive gun rights to legislation
protecting gun owners from draconian federal laws. Now we have news that Nebraska
is now taking things a step further.

Protection of law-abiding citizens is
something that takes precedence over many things when it comes to the preservation
of the Constitutional Amendments. We have now seen that when it comes to
protecting Americans, Nebraska has now claimed that it will be a “Sanctuary
State, for gun rights.” Governor Ricketts of Nebraska has stood on a Pro-Second
Amendment platform for a while now. In a report, he states that “Nebraska has
always been a State that supported our Second Amendment rights,” noting
further, “As a symbol of that support, I am signing a proclamation declaring
Nebraska a Second-Amendment Sanctuary State, and with my signature, it will
become official.”

Protecting the Second Amendment and every other
Amendment while we are at it is something that is extremely important in this
day in age. For a while now, we have seen politicians, whether on a State or
Federal level, begin to advance against the Right to Bear Arms. We have been
told that it is not “unconstitutional” and that our rights are not absolute
when it comes to this overreach. This
way of thinking is why states have to stand up like the other states that
already have and make sure that we as Americans are protected.

Furthermore, looking into Governor Ricketts’s
stance regarding the Second Amendment, I would say that this is definitely a
commendable action on his part. What caught my attention was included within
his statement regarding Nebraska becoming a sanctuary state, saying that “the
White House and U.S Congress have announced their intention to pursue measures
that would infringe on the rights to keep and bear Arms.” Also, the
proclamation says that “the state will stand up against federal overreach and
attempts to gun ownership and use in the Good Life.” This statement provides
proof that when it comes to the Second Amendment, there are individuals willing
to stand up for what is right and provide the necessary securities to safeguard
against draconian law. I have said before, “when it comes to protecting
individuals and their rights, more states need to stand up and fight for what
is right.” The ongoing battle between the Federal Government and the states
that deny the unconstitutional rulings needs to be recorded in the history books
for future generations to learn from when it comes to protecting American

Author : Nicholas Torres