Hunting w/ an AR-Style Rifle

We hear the mantra from the progressive side of the aisle
all the time that you “don’t need an AR-15 to hunt a deer.” However, they are entirely
wrong on the application of hunting with an AR-style rifle and how it is an
excellent hunting-capable platform.

One of the biggest things we hear is that the AR-15 is
somehow “super deadly” and can kill so quickly. However, if you look at most
states for hunting, the .223/5.56 caliber bullet fired from most AR-15s is
considered illegal to shoot deer ethically due to their inability to kill deer
quickly and without suffering. Now some states, it is legal to use, and if
paired with a hunting bullet (not the M193/855 Full metal jacket round), it can
be effective to get small to midsize game mainly consisting of coyote, deer,
and hog. I have also found that because of how they are designed, these guns
typically have less recoil and are great for new hunters or younger hunters.

The second thing to consider is that several AR-styled (also
known as a modern sporting rifle) firearms can come in a variety of bigger
calibers up to 300 Winchester Magnum, which is capable of taking down anything
in North America. Other popular calibers include 6.5 Creedmoor and 308
Winchester, being great deer rounds and no different than what is being shot
from a traditional bolt action rifle. These rifles are also more customizable
and usually cheaper than higher end “hunting specific” rifles, which means they
are easily tailored to the shooter without needing a gunsmith or a custom shop.
Another add-on is that I have found specifically for shorter barreled rifles
(16-18inches), they tend to be lighter than the traditional wood counterpart,
which means less fatigue and easier aiming after stalking in the woods all day.

Another thing that the left doesn’t consider is that you may
need more than a few shots. Anyone who has gone shooting feral hogs down in the
southern United States is numerous and an absolute nuisance animal. It is
estimated they cause $1.5 billion each year, and an MSR is the best weapon for
shooting multiple hogs quickly and ethically. These animals, in my opinion, are
tougher than deer, and an AR-10 (in 308, 6.5 Creed, .243 WIN) is excellent for
the big ones, while 5.56 is fantastic for smaller hogs (under 100lbs). As
someone who shot a hog with two shots of 12-gauge 00 Buck and had to draw my sidearm
(45ACP) to finish it off, I would have much preferred an AR over my double
barrel that day.

The final thing to consider is that a lot of the MSR being
purchased are capable of pretty good accuracy, with some being free-floated
barrels and great triggers that would rival the accuracy of most off-the-shelf
bolt guns. So, we can see an accurate rifle, capable of faster follow-up shots,
with proven calibers that can be lighter than the bolt action competition, is an
excellent firearm for hunting anything from small to big game.

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Author: Ian Bolser