Extreme Privacy vs. Red Flag Laws

As I discussed in a previous article about the laws that the
House, Senate, and President were likely to sign into law, it appears that the ever-popular
Red Flag Laws might be incentivized by the Federal government, to the tune of $750
million if passed. What that means is there is a financial incentive for local
and state police departments to use that money to get additional training and
resources to un-Constitutionally take firearms from law-abiding citizens should
they present a red flag, which liberally means “harm to themselves or
others.” On the face, it seems like that would be something most could
support, which is why turncoats like the NSSF have had no issues supporting
them unless they are not afforded due process. To my reading of the
Constitution, these laws violate the 4th Amendment (Unlawful Search
and Seizure), 6th (Fair and Speedy Trial), and the 5th
(Right not to be deprived of property without grand jury indictment). But, as
it looks like these are gaining steam, I would highly recommend practicing some
extreme privacy in all firearm-related matters.

One of the first things I would do is scrub your social media accounts of all photos that might have you with a firearm or with
anything that could be deemed a threat. I figure that some hunting photos could
piss off the PETA folks and give someone who doesn’t like you enough ammunition
to call in a report and ruin your hunting trip. I would also abstain from
message boards especially engaging in spirited debates with unknown people who
would love to dox you (reveal your name/location) and give it to the police. As
a side note, I have never “won” a debate with a Facebook lawyer, so I
have decided not to waste more of my life on someone who steals oxygen from

I have talked about how I think open carry is a dangerous
proposition, and I don’t think it is wise in these days of people and their
fake outrage. This applies doubly to your person. Imagine someone at Wal-Mart who
needs to make life inconvenient for everyone, her name might be Karen, and even
though open carry is legal for your state, she still calls in a man with a gun
in the store. Now you have cops coming to engage with you, weapons drawn, with
your wife and kids there…you don’t need that. So, my recommendation would be to
get a great concealed carry holster like the Original or Roughneck and just
walk to the next line when Karen goes ballistic that her expired coupon doesn’t

I would also look at other things that might tell the world you have guns,
especially if you are vocal in your political stance. I would not wear any
noticeable brand names, firearms, or anything of the like on it. The same goes for
hats and your vehicle. I had a buddy of mine who had a bunch of gun stickers on
his car and used to drive aggressively. A Prius driver reported him, maybe the
same Karen from the store, who said he was an aggressive driver and was waving
a gun. They searched the car and found nothing, and by searching, I mean took
out EVERYTHING on the side of the road while she supervised. When nothing was
found, she went nuts and tried reporting him twice more, following him home.
Just saying, these days, let them wonder.

Red Flag Laws are undoubtedly un-Constitutional, but you
need to protect yourself from such nonsense. Don’t announce you lost all your
guns on a boating accident (it’s dumb and signals what you got), don’t let one
hang off your hip at McDonald’s, and don’t advertise what you may or may not
have. Be smart and be in touch with your local and state reps about your
disdain if they vote for such a law.

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Author: Ian Bolser