Criminal Shot In Head With His Own Firearm

It has been re-iterated several times throughout my blogs that there are a few things you
should focus on. First you need to have situational awareness to know what is
going on, not lost in a phone or elsewhere. Second you need to have a means of
defense on you. Finally, you need to
have the drive to live. In this video you can hear why all three of those are
so important.

My number one way of
getting, keeping, and staying out of trouble is to identify what is going
on. How this was able to happen to two
different vehicles in the same short timeframe leads me to believe that they
were not paying attention, which should be a wakeup call to those of you who
are struggling to wake up in the morning and drive half-awake to work. In the
video, the witness talks about how he saw the perpetrator slam on his brakes
and slow the car down and yelling behind him. This has been a more common
occurrence with a plethora of dashcam footage of criminals stopping on single
lane on-ramps and rapidly exiting vehicles as you are essentially pinched in.
The witness got off the exit, came back on, and saw the perpetrator do it to a
second car, meaning that neither one was paying that much attention.

As I stated, having a
means of defense on you is the number one indicator in my opinion between
victim or defended. Neither the first nor the second cars drew their own
firearm in defense. With holsters like the magnetic ones we carry here I see
this as plain stupid. Second, they are wielding a several thousand-pound
weapon, but most don’t see this as a viable tool, so unless you carry you are
automatically less of a hard target. That said having a versatile holster that
could be carried right under the vehicles steering column while still having a
means of escape would have drastically removed risk to the victims.

According to the police and the witness, two shots were
fired, but somehow the perpetrator ended up with the gunshot wound to the head.
This means that the perpetrator fell victim to the first, not aware how close
his firearm was to his intended target. He also failed to recognize the third
thing I mentioned, which was the victim was intent to live, and had greater
drive than did the perp. To put it into what I think happened, the intended
robber approached the victim, where the victim likely let him close the
distance and when he saw the opportunity he lunged for the firearm. I imagine
one of the rounds fired was shot here, and after the fight for the gun the
victim shot the perpetrator, albeit not fatally. The robber seeing the tables
had turned gave up, as he realized his will to live was greater than whatever
the reason, he initiated the incident.

Author: Ian Bolser